[Can the head of prawns be eaten]_How to eat_Method

[Can the head of prawns be eaten]_How to eat_Method

We usually do n’t eat prawn heads, mainly because the prawn heads are rich in reorganization, which mainly stores the metabolites produced by shrimp. If we eat, it will affect the taste and even the health of the stomach and intestines, soWe usually remove the sediment from the prawn head and eat it.

Now let’s understand the nutritional value of prawns and the attachment of prawn heads.

Can prawns eat their heads?

Try not to eat.

Maybe what you hear from other people’s mouth is that the prawn head is a treasure, and it will be wasted if you don’t eat it.

But in fact, this is not the case. The shrimp head of the prawn is not only a treasure, but also a “trash pond”.

Why do you say this way?

Because eating the head of a prawn is equivalent to eating the excrement of shrimp, half-digested shrimp food, drinking shrimp urine, and more importantly, in a place with a poor growth environment, the shrimp head will accumulate heavy metals in the environment.

So eating prawns can cause food poisoning.

Mainly because the shrimp’s skull has a structure called the pericardial sinus, which includes the stomach, liver, heart, a pair of testis / ovary, excretory organisms, antennal glands (also called green glands because they are green), and the bladder and excretion.hole.

The abdomen of the shrimp has only one rectum and anus, so the top of the shrimp is the main part of the shrimp for intracellular digestion and detoxification. In addition, the shrimp head is still a heavy disaster area with heavy metals, and there are still a lot of nausea in the shrimp headof.

In short, try not to eat prawns on the head. If you don’t want to waste, try not to eat them every day or for a long time.

What are the nutritional values of prawns? 1. Prawns have the effects of tonifying kidneys and acupuncture, anti-toxins, nourishing blood and solidifying essences, removing stasis and detoxifying, nourishing qi and nourishing yang, Tongluo analgesic, appetizing and reducing phlegm;Sea shrimp is rich in meat and delicious, and is called protein.

Chinese medicine believes that its taste is warm and alkaline, which can nourish kidney and yang, nourish yin and strengthen stomach.

The most diverse cuisine.

3, prawns are warm and humid, sweet and salty, enter the kidney, spleen; 4, prawns are suitable for kidney deficiency, impotence, premature ejaculation, milk loss, pain in bones and bones, hand and foot convulsions, itching throughout the body, skin ulcers, physical weakness and neurastheniaWait for the patient to eat.

5. The astaxanthin contained in the prawns improves the elimination of “lag of time” caused by jet lag.

Astaxanthin is a component with a red color on the surface. It is the strongest antioxidant currently found. The darker the color, the higher the astaxanthin content.