[How to deal with instant sea cucumber]_ practice _ how to do

[How to deal with instant sea cucumber]_ practice _ how to do

Sea cucumber is a kind of nutrient-rich seafood, but not all people in the region can easily eat fresh sea cucumber.

The instant sea cucumber is a kind of food made from sea cucumber.

This kind of food, whether in the selection process or before eating, there are many places that need attention.

The following is a detailed introduction to the selection method and processing method of instant sea cucumber.

First, how to choose sea cucumbers: Sea cucumbers are nourishing holy products, but there are always some lawbreakers who use fake to fill the truth, and then fill it up. So how should you choose the sea cucumber?

Good sea cucumber is dark brown, bright and translucent.

The internal and external expansion of the body is evenly rounded, the muscles are uniform, and there is no hard core inside. Holding the end of the sea cucumber, the trembling is elastic and the meat thorns are complete.

Inferior sea cucumbers are red, with a soft and sticky body, thinner, thin flesh, large pits, and low spines, but the tip is worthless.

Second, what to do before eating sea cucumber?

1. Packed ready-to-eat sea cucumber directly from the store.

This kind of sea cucumber is the easiest to treat before eating. Add it directly to the water and wait for it to be eaten. It is best to use cold water or hot water, but cold sea water has better taste.

2. Choose to use instant sea cucumber made from dried sea cucumber.

There are no preservatives in the sea cucumbers that you make yourself. The important thing is how to make them.

(1) Put the sea into the oil-removing basin, immerse the sea cucumber in cold water, and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator. It can be used for two to three days, and the water needs to be changed every 24 hours.

3. Add the soaked sea water to the pan with the oil removed, and keep it open for 1-2 hours.

After removing it, pinch it carefully to see if there is any hard core inside, and if necessary, continue to cook.

After removing it, use scissors to cut through the opening at the bottom, remove the sandbill, and let it dry naturally. After cooling, put it in water and let it soak for two to three days.

Three, matters needing attention: It may be a waste of time every so often, but it ‘s a lot of time, but you ca n’t finish it. If you ca n’t finish it, wrap the sea cucumber with a safety film and put it in the freezer.It can be opened, convenient and concise.