[Dried Roses Soaked in Water

[Dried Rose Water Soak_Rose Water Soak]

Rose is completely for taking. It is a medicated diet. After taking it, it has a good nourishing effect on the body. Especially nowadays, many people’s skin becomes worse and worse.There is a big problem. At this time, you can use roses to soak water, you can use fresh roses or dried roses, but rose red is a medicinal material after all, you need to know the precautions before drinking.

The contraindication to drinking rose water 1. When brewing rose tea, you can add a small amount of rock sugar or honey according to your personal taste. This can effectively reduce the astringency of the rose itself, and it alsoEnhance the effect.

Note, however, that roses should not be soaked with tea.

This is because tea contains a large amount of implanted acid, which will affect the health effects of roses on the body, and its effect of reducing liver and stagnation will decrease.

2. Roses have a relatively strong effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis, so some women have more menstrual flow. Do not take rose tea during menstruation to avoid a lot of bleeding.

3. It is better not to take rose tea too much for patients with constipation. This is because rose flower has a certain astringent effect after entering the body. If you drink more rose tea, it will cause more severe constipation.

4, pregnant women and patients with stomach cold or diarrhea should not take it often, and some people who often feel tired or weak are not suitable for taking it, otherwise the body will become worse and worse.

5, when buying roses, you must pay attention to selection, to avoid buying roses that are not high quality.

6, when brewing roses is not better than the water temperature, it is recommended not to use 100 degrees of tea temperature, otherwise it is not conducive to the production of nutrients.

Generally, the optimal water temperature is between 75 seconds and 90 seconds.

The detailed taboos of drinking rose water are as follows: Rose tea is not suitable for daily consumption. Old Chinese medicine tells us that rose tea may not be taken every day, especially in summer.

For women, after taking too much rose, it is very good for the body. It can effectively qi and blood circulation and reconcile the functions between the internal organs, make the complexion better and whiter, menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea, etc.The situation can also be effectively alleviated.

If patients with qi deficiency soak fifteen grams of roses with jujube or American ginseng every day and take it, patients with kidney deficiency can choose wolfberry.

If you take a large amount of rose tea every day, it will cause the blood and blood in your body to run too fast, which is not good for your health. The most direct manifestation is that women are prone to major bleeding during menstruation and other situations, which will cause life hazards.

Women with excessive menstrual periods are not suitable for taking Chinese medicine. Roses are mild and have a good effect on regulating the body’s qi and blood operation after taking it. The effect is to qi and blood circulation and viscera function. Regular use will reduce the appearance of body color.The possibility of spots and complexion will get better and better.

In addition, taking rose tea is very effective for women with irregular menstruation or dysmenorrhea, which can alleviate physical discomfort.

However, it should be noted that although rose tea has a good effect on women, not all women are suitable for taking it.

If women’s menstrual flow is relatively large in daily life, it is best to drink rose water during menstruation and usually, so as to effectively avoid aggravating the increase in blood flow during menstruation.

Without careful attention, there may even be a situation of major bleeding during menstruation, which may threaten life and health.