“Shijie Erdong Decoction” treats acute episodes of chronic pharyngitis

My cousin is 45 years old and has a history of smoking for 20 to 30 years. He has been suffering from chronic pharyngitis for many years. He is always hip-hop, hip-hop, unfavorable throat, dull face and weight loss.
In a twilight in November 2008, the cousin called a long-distance call: Recently, the throat was sore and unable to sleep.
  In the hospital, I took a few days of various antibiotics, and also used anti-inflammatory drugs. The throat pain is still not improving, and I can’t bear it. I would like to ask me what to do.
I will go to consult my colleague Hu Xingshou.
  Director Hu Xingshou introduced the use of “two winter cream” (Tiandong, Ophiopogon japonicus) to treat chronic pharyngitis.
I suggest my cousin: completely quit smoking and alcohol, stop all kinds of antibiotics, use 10 grams of Tiandong, Ophiopogon, and Dendrobium to make tea every day.
  Two days later, a good news came, and the cousin’s sore throat improved significantly.
In order to consolidate the efficacy, it is recommended to take it for ten days and completely break with tobacco and alcohol.
Finally healed the cousin’s acute pharyngitis episode.
  Chinese medicine believes that the stone scent is sweet, slightly salty, cold, with the effect of Shengjinyiwei, nourishing yin and clearing heat. It is mainly used to treat fever, stagnation, thirst, dryness after illness, yin and darkness.
  Choose the stone simmer and boil it alone. On behalf of the tea, it has a good role in protecting the vocal cords.
Because of its sweetness, it can please the spleen, tastes salty and can benefit the kidney, the medicine is very peaceful, and has no toxic and side effects, so it is suitable for long-term drinking as a health tea for singers, actors and teachers.
  Such as throat dryness, yin deficiency symptoms are more obvious, can be added in the stone scorpion syndrome to add Huang Jing, Polygonatum, Ophiopogon; if accompanied by hoarseness, then add a wooden butterfly; such as qi and short, fatigue and other symptoms, can add jaundice,The effects of Radix Pseudostellariae and Radix Astragali are more significant.
  It should be noted that the cells of Dendrobium have a layer of impervious keratinous material, so it is generally necessary to boil for 30 minutes in order to dissolve the active ingredients into the water to achieve a therapeutic effect.
Because the stone sputum is soft and moist, so the wet temperature has not dried up, dry mouth, do not want to drink water, mossy, should not take sarcophagus.