The wind is high and the material is dry

The wind is high and the material is dry

Autumn is the season when anorectal disease is prone to occur.
Due to the dry air in autumn, many people will have symptoms such as dry mouth, dry stools, and dry stools. Often, constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoids.
For hemorrhoids, many people are too lazy to pay attention to it, and drag on again and again.
Professor Ren Donglin, vice president of the Gastroenterology and Anus Hospital affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University, pointed out that hemorrhoids account for about 87% of total anorectal diseases.
Patients with hemorrhoids who experience pain, bleeding, and prolapse of the anus should go to the anorectal specialist hospital or regular anorectal specialist hospital as early as possible.
At the same time, those who have blood in the stool should pay attention not to think of it as a hemorrhoid problem, but also to guard against other causes, such as rectal cancer and ulcerative colitis.
  Pay attention to your diet and eat less spicy hot pot. After the autumn, the hot pot restaurant will be lively again.
Professor Ren reminded those who have constipation or hemorrhoids “precursor”, do not covet hot pot spicy stimulation, because often eating spicy food can cause visceral and perianal blood vessels to expand, causing anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids.Gastrointestinal upset and constant diarrhea can also increase the anal burden and induce hemorrhoids.
Professor Ren Donglin reminded that hot pot should not be eaten often. It is best to drink some hot herbal tea when eating hot pot.
  Many people will have dry stools in the autumn. You can adjust your diet, drink more water, light tea, and eat more radish, pear, lily, white fungus and other foods to provide sufficient moisture to the body.
It is also necessary to appropriately increase foods containing vitamins and cellulose, such as coarse grains, beans and vegetables, to increase intestinal motility and prevent constipation.
Those with constipation should eat foods with heat-clearing, cooling-blood, laxative effects, such as black sesame, honey, banana, kiwi, yogurt and so on.
  Professor Ren, who is prone to getting sedentary office workers, pointed out that patients with hemorrhoids are mostly sedentary and long standing, such as office clerks, accountants, computer operators, editors, drivers, teachers, and so on.
Sedentary office workers, because of sitting for a long time, cause abdominal blood flow to slow down, blood circulation is blocked, the rectal venous plexus is prone to expand, blood stasis, and hemorrhoids are formed.
Especially sitting on soft sofas and seats for a long time, blood circulation is more likely to be blocked, which can induce or aggravate the condition of hemorrhoids.
Therefore, it is recommended that office workers choose harder seats, and should work up for about 10 minutes when working for a long time. Increasing exercise is the best way to prevent hemorrhoids.
  In addition to those who are sedentary and long standing, the following types of people are also prone to hemorrhoids-1.
Pregnant women, because of oppression of the fetus, the rectal and anal blood flow will be impaired; 2.
Those who have irregular daily life, such as overeating often, like spicy food and alcohol; 3.
Those who do not have good bowel habits, such as reading books and newspapers when using the toilet.
The habit of reading in the toilet is bound to prolong the defecation time, which is likely to cause anal congestion and increased abdominal pressure, affect anorectal and venous return, and cause hemorrhoids.
  Blood in the stool is not necessarily a problem of hemorrhoids. Common symptoms of hemorrhoids include bleeding, pain, falling sensation, itching of the anus, prolapse of the anus, etc. These symptoms are usually mild at the beginning, and if left untreated, the disease gradually worsens.
For example, prolapse of the anus can be accepted naturally, but it is difficult to accept it in severe cases, and even incarceration, acute extensive thrombosis, hemorrhage and necrosis appear.
  Although hemorrhoids are not life-threatening diseases, some uncomfortable symptoms (such as anal pain, itching, etc.) brought by hemorrhoids can affect people’s emotions and hinder learning and work.
In particular, internal hemorrhoids are accompanied by bleeding, which can cause symptoms such as anemia and malnutrition when the blood volume is high.
Over time, it is also easy to cause mucosal erosion and infection. In severe cases, it can even form diseases such as abscesses and anal fistulas around the anus.
  Professor Ren pointed out that patients with mild symptoms can completely use diet conditioning or medication under the guidance of a specialist to relieve symptoms.
Hemorrhoid patients should not go to some irregular medical institutions for the so-called “curative hemorrhoids” surgery, in order to avoid excessive treatment or improper surgery, which may cause excessive anal trauma and affect anal function, and even severe cases may even threaten life.
  Professor Ren specially reminded that many people think of hemorrhoids as soon as they encounter blood in the stool, which has not attracted enough attention.
In fact, there are many diseases that cause stool bleeding, such as rectal cancer and ulcerative colitis.
Many people with rectal cancer think they are suffering from hemorrhoids and take it lightly, delaying their condition and missing the best opportunity for treatment.
Therefore, as soon as blood is found in the stool, it should be checked at the hospital to prevent it before it happens.
  ■ Related Links: Tips for preventing hemorrhoids: Frequent anus lifting exercises: relax the body, consciously contract the anus, and slowly lift it up, just like forcing a stool, then relax, do it 20 times repeatedly, and do two sets a day.
Anal lifting exercises can be performed at any time, and can be done at office, while driving, while watching TV, and before going to bed.
  Keep the anus clean: Rinse the perianal area with warm water afterwards and massage the anus with a stream of water.
During the onset of hemorrhoids, a hot bath can be used to promote blood circulation in the anus.
  Self-massage: Hemorrhoids are the result of local blood stasis. Massage of Changqiang (front of tail bone) can improve local blood circulation, which is effective in both prevention and treatment.
In addition, those with constipation can often massage the abdomen to improve constipation.

Fish Water Yoga Swimming All Day

Fish Water Yoga Swimming All Day

Water Yoga, as the name suggests, is an innovative form of exercise that precisely combines the basic principles of water exercise with some familiar yoga poses.

At present, tens of thousands of people in the United States are keen on water yoga, and many swimming pools in Japan have also opened water yoga fitness programs, but among them, they are still just getting started.

  Six benefits of water yoga1.

Eliminate fatigue: With abdominal breathing, you can use water pressure to massage, squeeze, and rub the internal organs, glands, skin, muscles, and bones to achieve the effect of relieving the muscles and bones of the body and eliminating fatigue.


Raising attention: it helps us learn to relax and concentrate, and it is also very helpful for strengthening the balance training; the human body must be completely relaxed when it comes to the surface, so for beginners, the most difficult point at first is”Relax”.


Strengthen cardiopulmonary function: can strengthen muscle strength, muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary function training; activities in water need to be doubled than on land, not only can consume extra small amounts, shrink muscle bodybuilding, but also strengthen cardiopulmonary function, increase oxygen,Carbon dioxide, transport of blood.


Massage and skin care: Due to the excessive sweating in water sports, the skin irritation caused by the salt in sweat water after land training is reduced.


Weight loss: Water sports use aerobic energy consumption, mainly based on glycogen.

Therefore, when carrying out this exercise, in conjunction with a scientific nutrition diet plan, it has a very significant effect on regulating abnormal metabolism in the body and reducing body fat.


Shaping: After exercising in water, due to exothermic stimulation and buoyant pressure stimulation on the body surface, the body fat distribution can be reflexively adjusted and transferred to the skin, so that it is accidentally synthesized to form a thin trace layer to make the body linesBecome flexible and harmonious.

  Water yoga has strong applicability. The avant-garde fashion sport mentioned above has just begun to be popular in Beijing and Shanghai.

According to related personnel, due to the various characteristics of water, the plasticity of the sports body is the strongest in the water, and the excess is eliminated in the reorganization, and sufficient physical exercise is obtained to avoid the damage caused by long-term exercise to the bone. It is applicable to many people.

  If you can continue to do water yoga for a long time, you can not only adjust the posture of the human body and the physiological curvature of the spine, but also make the entire human body develop into a streamlined shape. This adaptation variability shapes the beautiful lines of the person, especially for the abdomen, feet, tibia, tibia, The shape of the shoulder front curve.

How to find the exact location map of the yin pocket

How to find the exact location map of the yin pocket

How to find the Yinbao point is located in the thigh of the human body, when the femur is placed on the upper 4 inches, between the femoral muscle and the sartorius muscle.

The name of the hole is analyzed in Yin and water.

Pack, collect also.

The name of the hole means that the water and moisture of the liver is gathered here.

The material of this point is the weak and damp wet water vapor from the Ququan point and the water flowing from the foot of the Wuwuli point. After the hole, the two parts of the water are gathered in the hole.The place of the package, hence the name.

The name of the yin is the same as the yin.

The exact position of the vaginal acupoint is acupoints. The knee is sitting or lying in a position where the upper jaw of the femur is 4 inches, that is, 4 inches on the Ququan point. The acupoint between the femoral muscle and the sartorius muscle.

The acupoint anatomy is between the inner muscle of the femur and the sartorius muscle, the midpoint of the longissimus dorsi, the deep adductor short muscle; the femoral artery, the vein, the superficial branch of the femoral artery; the anterior cutaneous nerve, the obturatorShallow, deep support.

Function to regulate menstruation and relieve pain, diuretic pass.

Indications of urinary and reproductive system diseases: irregular menstruation, pelvic inflammatory disease, enuresis, dysuria.

Other diseases: low back pain, ankle arthritis, lumbar muscle strain, inguinal lymphadenitis.

Acupuncture points and matching points for the treatment of irregular menstruation; with Guanyuan points, Shenshu points to cure qi deficiency and solid enuresis; with Yumen points, foot Wuli points, Xuehai points for knee pain, polio atrophy.

Mouthwash after spraying aerosol

Mouthwash after spraying aerosol

The bright sunshine in spring brings vitality to the earth, and also brings various diseases, especially respiratory diseases such as colds, pneumonia, and hypertension.

In acute episodes, many patients are usually treated with aerosols.

Inhalation aerosol therapy is a topical medication, and the drug can reach the local area directly without the need for systemic blood circulation. Therefore, the required dose of the drug is small, the effect is fast, the safety is good, and there is no drug dependence.

  Many patients feel that it is a pity to spit it out after using aerosols. They think that these drugs will enter the human body to better prevent and prevent diseases.

As everyone knows, if hormone drugs are swallowed, they will be absorbed into the body through the dialysis tract and long-term accumulation will lead to complications.

Not only that, hormonal drugs left in the mouth and pharynx can damage the oral environment and cause oral streptococcal infections, which can cause swelling and sore throat, hoarseness and other symptoms.

If secondary mold infections occur, oral diseases such as thrush are imminent.

Therefore, rinse your mouth thoroughly after using the aerosol.

  When using it, first shake the aerosol up and down several times, then tilt your head slightly back and exhale slowly to exhale the air in your lungs.

Hold the inhaler’s mouthpiece in your mouth and hold your breath. Press the inhaler with your forefinger and thumb to release the medicine, and at the same time, take a slow and deep inhalation in sync with the spray. After holding the breath for 5-10 seconds, slowlyThe gas is exhaled from the nasal cavity.

Spray at a 2-3 minute interval.

Rinse your mouth with water to remove any medication left on your upper throat.

Body yoga moves, safe and effective

Body yoga moves, safe and effective

Although yoga is a gentle exercise, it can be difficult for some people who have poor physical strength, lack of exercise or chronic diseases.

Today, I will teach you some yoga moves that are safer and can make you shape, everyone can practice.

  In general, the sitting warriors have insufficient leg strength. When you are in the warrior style, you need to support your whole body with solid legs. At this time, do you think that you will start to feel weak when you think of it? It doesn’t matter .Muscle endurance is not something that can be practiced in a short time.

So how can you easily practice the essence of this action!

Take the chair at hand and practice!

  1. Sit on the side with the right side of the body against the back of the chair, and sit with your right foot across the chair, aiming at 90 degrees to the ground, so that your right foot can step on the ground steadily;Ground, heels lifted.

The upper body should not fall forward, the body should be upright, do not let the abdomen close to the thigh; hands can be placed on the feet or support the back of the chair at will.

  2. Raise your hands up, palms facing each other. After smoothing your breath, push your chest forward and your arms back toward you when you exhale. Slowly lower your arms and practice while changing sides.

  The semi-Lotus stance can help us reduce the muscles from the back of the thigh to the buttocks, effectively modify the fat legs, and help us tilt the waist bone. Friends who usually feel this section are tight, or are too lazy to reduce it at allPeople, may wish to use a pole to assist it!

  1. First, stand in front of the pole, lift your right foot and bend it near the waist. At this time, find a pole that fits the height of the body, and place your right lower leg on the pole horizontally, so you can easily reduce the thigh.Back side.

  2. After holding the lower body firmly, hold up the upper rod with both hands. This action can also help us open the lymph nodes under the arm.

  3. If you want to challenge your beauty, you may try the following suggestions: Right calf is still placed on the pole, hold the upper pole with your left hand, twist your upper body from above the waist to the right and back, and extend your right hand to the sky above and to the right.Looking at the palm of the right hand, at this time, not only the back of the thigh will be fractured more completely, but the small flesh at the waist can also be moved to it like twisting a towel. Is it easy to count it!

  Right-angle type Right-angle type can step on a large muscle group in the back, and with feet straight, you can step on the muscles of the thigh and the back of the calf. It seems easy but it is a comprehensive action.

  1. Facing the bar or the wall, hold the bar with both hands or gently place it on the wall, and push it backwards so that your body is parallel to the floor, and your feet are placed directly below the vertical.

The body does not need to be completely at a right angle, as long as the back and thigh muscles are squeezed.

  2. If you want to strengthen, try to make the spine completely parallel to the ground. Be careful not to sculpt or raise the intention of standing up because you want to strengthen the movement. Finally, slowly stretch the original slightly curved feet completely straight.

  3. Slowly walk towards the pole or the wall to return to the preparatory action, such as resting in a mountain standing position.

Music into medicine to improve immune pain

Music into medicine to improve immune pain

The use of natural materials to maintain health, a certain kind of sunlight, color, music, can achieve good health effects, and environmental protection and safety.

Today I will take you to see the mystery of music health.

  Can music be used as medicine?

Music therapy is an ancient science with few knowers. Ouyang Xiu 1500 years ago used music therapy to heal the “youyou disease” and finger pressing.

Mozart’s Double Piano Concerto in D major also improves intelligence and memory.

Nervous college entrance examination students may wish to take a music massage, relax and relax.

Music therapy is also used in areas such as insomnia, depression, dementia, stroke, and autism in children.

  Music therapy is a doctor’s targeted design of music activities for the person being treated. After the person being treated receives this musical psychological experience, “emotion, behavior, and ideology change, so that he can be more adaptable to the environment., And gain psychological growth and a successful life experience, thereby improving the quality of life.

“Experts explained.

  Music can reduce infection rate The history of Chinese music healing can be traced back to Ouyang Xiu 1500 years ago. At that time, Sun Daozi used Ouyang Xiu to treat Ouyang Xiu’s “youyou disease”.

Ouyang Xiu’s theoretical work “Send Yang Zhixue” recommended to his friend Yang Zhi the use of music “flat heart” and “raising disease”.

In the course of learning to play the piano, Ou Yangxiu’s finger restraint was also cured. He said in “Piano Pillow”: “Yesterday, because of suffering from two fingers, the doctor restrained himself, counting the movements to guide his stasis,You can play the piano.

“American doctors played music for wounded soldiers during World War II, which reduced wound infection rates and mortality rates. This phenomenon has attracted people’s attention.

Since then music therapy has gradually developed into a modern discipline.

The theory and method of dating psychotherapy, using the unique physiological and psychological effects of music, enables the seeker to experience the musical experience through various specially designed musical behaviors, with the joint participation of music therapists, to eliminate psychological barriers, restore orThe purpose of improving physical and mental health.

  Music massage can ease the tension of the college entrance examination. “Sick, sub-healthy and even healthy people can receive music therapy.

“Experts say that music therapy can be used to relieve stress, insomnia, depression, menopause syndrome, mental retardation in children, autism, dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s syndrome, and more.

  Immediately, it will be the black June of the college entrance examination. Experts suggest that the college entrance examination candidates do not hinder a music massage.

Candidates for college entrance examinations can be at home, lying in bed, and listening to some music that relaxes the liver, such as happy songs, and the more soothing music they like.

  Experts who improve children’s intelligence and memory have introduced that music can make children’s autonomic nervous system distortion normal. Music therapy is of great significance in the treatment of autism.

Forty children with autism treated by experts at present have undergone music therapy, their children’s communication skills have increased, their language expression has increased, and their stereotyped behavior has also converged.

  Children with autism refuse to communicate with the outside world, and music is a good way to communicate.

When you hear your favorite music, your child will calm down, focus on it, or dance.

  Experts said: “Scientific research has shown that Mozart’s D major double piano concerto can improve children’s intelligence and memory.

“Alzheimer’s disease can be played with percussion instruments. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease or stroke, and Parkinson’s syndrome can be treated with” percussion instruments and background music playing method “treatment.

Seven elderly people formed a treatment group. In cheerful music, playing drums with music background by themselves, the elderly’s self-consciousness and fine movements were significantly improved.

According to experts, music therapy has a wide range of applications in encephalopathy. Foreign scientists use music to treat gait abnormalities caused by stroke and hemiplegia. The results show that the pace of growth of people who have received music therapy is 18%, and the pace of growthIt was 27%, while those who did not receive music therapy had a stride increase of 0 and a pace increase of only 4%.

Did you choose the best time to practice yoga?

Did you choose the best time to practice yoga?

More and more people are beginning to try yoga as a new type of exercise, which can not only shape and reduce fat, but also relax the body and mind, but for yoga beginners, it is relatively new to yoga. Let ‘s talk about yoga first.Benefits and best time to practice yoga.

  Benefits of Yoga: 1. A woman insists on long-term practice of yoga asanas, which can make the skin more fit and clear. It can make women’s waist soft and strong. It can prevent female hip muscles from sagging. It can reduce excess adults in the body.Weight loss; it can increase the elasticity of women’s hamstrings, making women’s legs more restful and beautiful.

  2. Women do yoga exercises for a long time, which can effectively relieve the fatigue state of human muscles and bones through the massage of both hands, and through the yoga breathing method and various postures, it can promote human blood circulation and human joints.

  3. Women can make the body’s meridians and qi and blood flow unobstructed and strengthen their functions by practicing yoga’s complete breathing method and body twisting, squeezing, pulling, stretching and other postures.

Yoga exercises can also regulate people’s emotions, make people more peaceful and youthful.

  4, people who often practice yoga can return to their normal diet and lose weight effectively.

Through the practice of yoga, you will strengthen your will and have more control over the temptation of food to achieve the purpose of effective weight loss.

  5. Yoga can adjust the mood by combing the air flow in people, so that people’s mood becomes calm and irritability is removed. Over time, it can improve personal observation and judgment, and make women more wise, intelligent, and confident.Stronger.

  The best time to practice yoga: The best time to practice yoga postures, the period of time that you can stick to it, is your best practice time.

Therefore, everyone should choose a most suitable time to practice yoga postures according to their specific conditions.

Generally, most people choose to practice in three periods: morning, noon, and evening.

  Doing posture exercises in the morning can awaken your body, bring oxygen to your body, and make you full of the day.

First, people who choose to practice in the morning are more likely to stick with it.

However, because most people have to go to work or school, morning time is limited after all, and many people also choose to practice yoga postures during lunch break.

  If you’re an office worker, practicing a few smaller postures during your lunch break can help you reduce the stress and tension that comes with your work.

Another good time to practice posture is in the evening.

  After a tiring day, posture exercises and voice meditation can be justified, and you can build up energy for tomorrow’s work or study.

  Of course, there are many people who can’t spare a long time to practice all day.

In this case, we can divide the exercise into two to three times to complete, and spend a small amount of time each time.

  The most important thing to practice yoga is to unify your body and relax your brain. If you are rushing to work, I don’t recommend that you practice yoga in the morning.

Pick a time when you are most nervous and comfortable, not to be bothered by trivia, the effect of yoga exercise is more obvious.

The summer edamame is right there, and the gourmet fiber champion is it!

The summer edamame is right there, and the gourmet fiber champion is it!

A dish of edamame and a pot of wine can contribute to a delicious summer supper.

Edamame has been with you for so many years at the small wine table. You may not know that it is very nutritious in addition to being delicious . Is it nutritious?

  Summer edamame at that time[Nutrition Paper]After cooking, the edamame in summer is not only soft, soft, delicate and delicious, but also has a high content of substituted fiber, which is great for health.

  1. Protect plant protein, vitamin B family, and very high potassium and magnesium content.

  Among them, saponin, phytic acid, low-molecular weight and other health ingredients are very good for protecting the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and controlling blood pressure.

  2. Restoring physical fitness Eating edamame in the summer can also prevent malnutrition due to excessive sweating and loss of appetite, low fitness, and easy heat stroke.

  3. The supplementary fiber champion is worth mentioning that the supplemental fiber content of tender green soybeans is as high as 4.


  In addition, some high-fiber vegetables caused by people have lower fiber content than edamame, which is the undisputed fiber champion in the food industry.

  Light green full and freshest[excerpt]After peeling the shell, if the crescent shape of the top of the bean is light green, it is very tender; if it has turned black, it means it is old.

  The color of the beans should be green or green and white. The beans have a translucent seed coat tightly wrapped. Dispose of the juice and replace them. If the pods are yellow, the fluff is dull, and the pods are easy to crack., Fresh green, large pods, white hair is better, the fuller the beans, the better.

Settle 4 types of weirdo

Settle 4 types of weirdo

“Burst fried cobblestones-no oil and salt”, this phrase often used to describe people who are difficult to communicate.

And some people will find that they are always not good at interacting with people of a certain personality.

American negotiator Douglas Stone explained.

He also said that even in the face of crazy kidnappers, as long as they try to provide something they really want, there is room for negotiation.

  In the face of different types of people, the communication methods must be different: 1.

Emotional breakdown: As soon as you speak, the other party begins to burst into tears.

At this time, it does not prevent him from being invited to go for a walk. In a public place, the other party is more able to control his emotions. By side-by-side instead of face-to-face, he can also ease the relationship between some of the strengths of each other (this boss, subordinate or father-son).


Refusal to communicate: When you try to communicate, the other party either shifts the topic or simply doesn’t listen.

This indicates that your relationship has a very serious problem, and it is recommended to start with the daily small things to improve the atmosphere.

If you want to get into a more serious topic, you can use a gentle beginning, such as “I really need your opinion, can you chat if you have time?”


Aggressive and provocative: As soon as you say your opinion, the other party will immediately prepare for the game and throw the ball back to the active communicator to avoid the problem.

At this time, we need to see the move, and put the problem more clearly before them.

When the other party growled loudly, “You use marriage to give me pressure again!

You can answer, “No way, I am getting older!


Brutal and threatening: This type of person likes to threaten the active communicator with the sentence “If you . I will .”

When you encounter such a person, you must not be intimidated, or brave or even higher than the appearance. For example, for a wife who is going to return to her family after a quarrel, her husband will hold her. “Every time you threaten me like this, this will not solve the problem.
If you really want to stay with me, we will discuss the issue clearly.

Tell me, what kind of results do you want?

Soy causes male infertility

Soy causes male infertility

Researchers believe that the chemical components contained in soybeans can “mimic” the function of the estrogen estrogen, leading to a reduction in sperm counts.

“The soy chemistry can reduce the number of sperm, and this result is very good for us,” said Louis.

We are currently preparing the next step in the soy diet.


hzh {display: none; }  据国外的一项调查表明,如果每天都食用大豆制品,会让男性精子的数量明显的下降,所以爱吃豆制品的男性一定要小心。  Soy is one of the more and more respected health foods in the world. The rich protein contained in it is widely recognized as the high-quality protein required by the human body.

However, a recent scientific study has shown that certain embryos in soybeans can reduce sperm counts and affect male reproductive functions.

Soymilk and soy yogurt, which many people value, may also kill sperm foods.

  Changes in estrogen levels in men not only affect sperm counts, but may also cause structural abnormalities in male sex organs such as the attached retina.

Over time, it will cause other diseases, such as retinal pill cancer.

  According to reporters, 1 in 7 couples in the UK have reproductive disorders, and 40% of them are caused by male infertility.

In fact, as early as April 15, 2003, the British media reported the surprising findings of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the United States: Increasing soybean consumption in the United Kingdom may cause reduced male reproductive function and many male sexual development abnormalitiesThe culprit.

Scientists believe that soy consumption by women during pregnancy or breast milk replacement may endanger the reproductive function of male infants, as certain chemicals contained in soy are very close to the function of estradiol.

  In addition, there are other studies that have found that hormone-like chemicals in soy are related to certain cancers, brain disorders, and abnormal development in infants.