Swing and Squat Attention

Swing and Squat Attention

Use this classic and simple lunge squat variant to strengthen your thighs and improve your treading effect. This efficient lunge squat variant can make your lower body strong and strong.

Moreover, when doing the turning movement, the adjacent, shoulder and abdomen involved in exerting force, making this exercise a particularly good whole body exercise.

  The training guide separates this exercise from your daily strength exercise program. Do 2 per week?
3 times.

  Do 2 on each side leg?
3 groups.

12 times.

The rest time between groups depends on your situation, but the maximum time is not more than 1 minute.

  After 4-6 weeks, or when you feel you are physically ready, you can do more difficult exercises: straighten out at the same time.

Place both hands on the side of the foot.

  Get exercise for the quadriceps of the body parts of the legs.

Biceps femoris.

Calf tendon, gluteal muscle, abdomen, oblique muscle (dual practice exercise for the waist, feet separated, separated by the same width as the buttocks).

Place your hands on your hips (or hold a 5-8 pound dumbbell on your side for added strength), close your chest, lift your chest, and drop your shoulders.

  Take a step forward with your right foot, bend your knees so that your right knee is directly above the restructured joint, and your left knee almost touches the ground.

Lift your left heel off the ground.

  Keep the lunge squatting position, while the upper body starts to lean forward from the hips, and turn the main shaft to the right. The left arm is extended, trying to place the left hand on the side where the right foot is inserted, and the trunk remains straight.

  Return your upper body to an upright position.

Put your left hand back into the bones, while keeping your right leg a step backwards, standing with your legs straight.

The body returns to the starting position.

  Repeat the above exercise for the right leg. After completing the recommended number of exercises, change the left leg exercise into a complete set of exercises.

You can also practice left and right legs alternately.

  Tip If you feel you have difficulty turning at first, you can do lunge squat exercises separately.

With the improvement of physical fitness, turn movement is added.

  Avoid making the following mistakes1.

Do not allow the knee joint on the front side to exceed the toes, or the knee joint to rotate inward, otherwise it will put excessive pressure on the knee joint and surrounding ligaments.


When you have completed this action (ie leaning forward with your left hand on the outside of your right foot insertion), do not continue to rotate the main shaft, otherwise you may strain the front.


When doing lunge squats, don’t arch next to each other, otherwise it may hurt your spine.

Some pains during exercise can be fatal

Some pains during exercise can be fatal

Fitness experts remind people that many physical discomforts that occur during exercise should be given high attention.

  Heart rate does not increase during exercise. During exercise, the heartbeat will increase, the amount of exercise will decrease, and the heartbeat will be faster.

If the increase in heart rate during exercise is not obvious, it may be an early signal of hypertension, which indicates the gradual risk of angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and sudden death.

  When angina pectoris occurs during exercise, myocardial load will increase and myocardial oxygen consumption will increase.

In particular, some middle-aged and elderly people with different degrees of vascular sclerosis, the relative lack of blood supply to the heart during exercise, leading to coronary intervention and angina.

In this case, you should stop exercise in time. After taking nitroglycerin tablets under the tongue, angina usually disappears.

  Headaches during exercise A few high blood pressure patients do not feel abnormal chests when they develop symptoms, but they have headaches during exercise.

Most people just think they haven’t rested well or caught a cold.

Therefore, remind those who participate in sports, if you feel headache during sports, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

  Abdominal pain during exerciseDuring the course of exercise, abdomen pain suddenly appears, and most of the rectus muscle spasms are caused by a lot of sweating and loss of water and salt.

When abdominal pain occurs, you should rest on your back for 20 to 30 abdominal breaths and gently massage the rectus abdominis for about 5 minutes to relieve the pain.

When excessive sweating during exercise, timely supplementation of 200 to 300 ml of saline is the key to prevention.

  Abdominal cramps during exercise are more common in gastric cramps such as low water temperature during swimming, insufficient preparation activities, and excessive exercise.

At this point, you can do a hot compress for the upper abdomen for 20 to 30 minutes, step on the Neiguan and Zusanli points for 3 to 5 minutes each.

To prevent the occurrence of gastric ulcer rupture, you should make adequate preparations before exercise, avoid oversatisfaction, avoid beans and sweet potatoes, potatoes and other foods, and eat cold drinks.

  During exercise, dull pain and swelling around the umbilicus or lower abdomen are mostly intestinal obstruction.

At this point, as long as you stop exercising, pain can be relieved.

Press both sides of the joints with your hands for 5 minutes, or apply hot water to the umbilical cord area for 10 to 20 minutes to relieve pain.

In order to prevent the occurrence of bowel movements, you should make adequate preparations before exercise and avoid eating cold food.

Thick, sticky foods such as beans promote initial probiotic growth

Thick, sticky foods such as beans promote initial probiotic growth

Initial health is completely related to digestion and absorption, and it will affect immunity and induce disease.

To keep intermediates healthy, eat more rough or sticky foods.

  Thick and sticky foods usually contain a lot of supplementary fiber.

Thick foods such as beans, sweet potatoes, and whole grains, as well as fruits such as pears, oranges, and kiwis, all contain a lot of alternative crude fiber.

These coarse fibers can promote degraded peristalsis, clean the inside, and help re-inject toxins and harmful substances.

Similarly, food with a sticky texture contains foods such as seaweed, mushrooms, fungus, etc., which contains a large amount of polysaccharides and soluble alternative fibers.

Not only do they have the same effect as crude fibers, they are also very mild and do not irritate the tandem of injury.

  In addition to the initial cleaning, thick and sticky food has another ability: to promote the growth of indirect beneficial bacteria.

Although these dietary fibers cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body, they can only pass through the intestines, but they are actually “dish” of beneficial bacteria in the body.

Therefore, if an appropriate amount of thick or sticky food is absorbed, the internal flora will remain in a balanced and healthy state, and less harmful substances will be produced, which will naturally lead to health.

Five details of male health care

Five details of male health care

Nowadays, more men pay attention to health care. People of every age group have their own set of health care methods. How to grasp the details in health care and lay a proper foundation for health. There are many problems that men need to pay attention to.The abnormal phenomenon is the focus that must be paid attention to. Let’s take a look at five details that men should pay special attention to in health care.

  First, sweating and careful dehydration. Middle-aged men need more water than women. For men, the water in their muscles is more than three times higher than that of adults. In men’s bodies, muscles account for about 40%.In the female body, muscles account for just over 20%.

Water relubricates joints, regulates body temperature and dissolves, and transports nutrients into the body.

Generally men need about two liters of water a day, and men who exercise will consume twice as much water.

  Second, the timely supplementation of chromium in physical exercise is a mineral necessary to maintain life. It can reduce cholesterol in the human body, increase endurance, and can also make muscles grow and oxidize trace amounts.

High-quality grapes and raisins have the reputation of a natural “chrome store”.

Ordinary men can provide enough chromium by eating a bunch of grapes every day, and middle-aged men participating in fitness exercises need to double.

  Third, there is often congestion on the body and vitamin K supplementation. During exercise, some people bump slightly, and the whole body becomes bruised or congested, and it does not heal for a long time. This is a sign of vitamin K deficiency.

Vitamin K is a “hemostatic hero”. Without it, blood coagulation will continue, and in severe cases, blood will not coagulate.

  Cauliflower is rich in vitamin K. Eat 2?
Cauliflower can absorb bruises or bruises in the body 4 times. Secondly, asparagus and lettuce also contain vitamin K.

Eating vitamin K foods can not only strengthen the flexibility of blood vessel walls, but also prevent bruises and congestion.

  Fourth, exercise cramps pay attention to calcium supplementation. The symptoms of leg cramps after magnesium exercise do not indicate that you are overloaded, but caused by insufficient nutrition.

The main role of calcium and magnesium in the human body is to participate in the replacement of neuromuscular muscles. Physical exercise can easily cause calcium and magnesium deficiency in the human body, which in turn hinders the neuromuscular muscles and causes leg cramps.

  Middle-aged men have a daily calcium requirement of 1,000 to 1800 milligrams, and the daily recommended recommended amount of magnesium is 350 milligrams. There are abundant sources of calcium, of which milk is a good choice.

Magnesium contained in green leaf foods is most easily absorbed. Rich and high-quality magnesium can also be found in nuts and seafood.

  Fifth, poor sexual desire after exercise, zinc deficiency Zinc is called a man’s “sexual element”.

Zinc deficiency in the body will affect the number and activity of sperm.

For men participating in fitness exercises, they will lose more zinc, especially when sweating, so zinc supplementation is especially important for men who exercise regularly.

Eat more lean meat, and steak is an effective way to get zinc.

It is determined that every 100 grams of lean beef can provide about 50% of the daily zinc demand.

Seafood, mushrooms, lean meat, eggs, and whole grains are also rich in zinc.

The secrets that make men out of control

The secrets that make men out of control

When Dou Wei caused a fire to a car, many people were shocked.

How could it be him?

It is said that women are emotional animals and men are rational animals, but once men become emotional, they are no less inferior to women.

In fact, they may not have the reason we imagine.

Those out-of-control factors are hidden beneath their appearance, and we can get a glimpse of them just by scrutinizing them.

  1. One-night stand of a good man The scene of a man: He is a good husband in the eyes of his wife, and a good dad in the eyes of his children.

He is gentle, considerate, cares for the family, and even maintains the habit of paying wages on time, which is rare today.

He likes walking with his wife after dinner. He doesn’t have any romantic affairs. From the perspective of others, he is a good man who can hardly find a lantern.

  But once on a business trip, his friends encouraged him to find a girl to be happy.

Those buddies are holding each other right and left. He originally wanted to resist, but felt that he was very shameless, so he didn’t look like a man.

The point is that the bewildered young lady looks like a snake-like temptation. He couldn’t help but be a little seductive, and as a result, he went to her bed.

  That was the first time he was derailed, and the only time. Afterwards, his wife did not believe it anyway. How could such a thing happen to her decent husband.

  The secret of his out of control: Why is a so-called good man still looking for a lady?

This has something to do with men’s prostitute culture.

A survey by sociologists found that some men did not want to be lost in a sensual place, but if his buddies did it, he did not do it, which would make him feel pressure: first, he was not like a man-Most men regard this behavior as a sign of masculinity; the second is that he feels a sense of loneliness. He doesn’t want to leave the circle of his buddies because of his indifference, or be looked down upon by his buddies–manMost afraid of being abandoned by his group.

  The loss of control in the sensual scene is also related to the man’s detachment from his wife and some moral monitoring.

Once a man is separated from a familiar environment, his so-called indulgence consciousness is particularly strong.

This is why most men on business trips tend to get out of control.

  2. Good gentleman’s rude man scene: He is widely recognized as a representative model of a gentleman, as follows; he will always considerately drive the door for her when she gets off the car.

He would dress neatly even if he dine in the wild. He graduated from a prestigious school, his father was a high-ranking cadre of a ministry, and his mother was a famous lady. When she decided to marry him, she saw this.

  But one day, she witnessed his performance in irritability, which surprised her, and she did not expect “the gentleman is crazy”.

Such men will also have swear words at some point.

It was a crossing, it was about to pass a red light, the car suddenly grabbed the road, he came to an emergency brake, it seemed unconscious, he yelled at the driver who was going away, without scruples, like an uneducated AmericanCowboy.

  She was puzzled, why would a gentleman like him curse too much?

  His runaway secret: Samantha in Sex and the City once felt like trying to have sex with a gentleman.

She thought that the gentleman must be polite and gentle when making love, but did not expect that the other person would suddenly yell at her after going to bed.

This surprised Samantha, but the other side was very sexually excited.

  Why do the most gentleman men say swear when they lose control?

A look at the typical representative of the swear culture of the American West cowboy can explore the reason.

Those cowboys like to show their masculinity by swearing, and so are men in secular life.

A gentleman, profanity is proof that his masculine cultural gene has always been hidden in his heart. Although this gene is suppressed by the efforts to be a gentleman, once it seizes the opportunity, it breaks the cocoon andOut.
  3, the scene of his violent man: he is a university professor and knowledgeable.

No one can imagine that he could be associated with domestic violence, but one day, he hit his wife and shot very hard.

It was an ordinary quarrel, and his wife blamed him for coming home too late.

He had originally acknowledged his mistake, but in his later words, “the wife is a bit irrational.”

Their quarrel escalated step by step. At first he had been tolerant, but later he felt that there was no other way. The way to keep his wife shut is to use force. He hit her and slapped him, both of them were shocked.

His wife did not expect that he would hit himself, and he did not even think that when he was a child, he hated his father’s domestic violence the most. After being a husband himself, he actually repeated his father’s old path.

  His runaway secret: Why do good men also use force in family disputes?It should be said that many men must have hated these acts of violence after seeing their father’s violence against their mothers as a child.

But as adults, they continue to repeat themselves unconsciously.

Psychological theory believes that this is because the more they grow up in an environment that lacked love since childhood, the less they learn to resolve disputes with peaceful love.

  In peace, they may suppress their violent impulse, they warn themselves; it is wrong to hit his wife, which will make others hate themselves even more.

But subconsciously, they still feel that violence is the best way to solve problems.

Although many men who have experienced violence report that they did not believe they would do such a thing after their first punch.

  4. He suddenly burst into tears at the scene of many people ‘s faces: he was a strong man, a tough guy in the eyes of everyone.

He is the Chinese version of Schwarzenegger and is indestructible.

He is the chairman of a company and his employees have never seen him cry.

In his eyes, tears are a sign of weakness.

He hates emotions and thinks that only a deep, stern man is like a good man.

  But one day, he suddenly burst into tears in front of many people’s faces. It was a regular company meeting. During the meeting, his secretary came in suddenly and whispered a message to him.

The secretary’s words had just finished, and tears burst into his eyes. In front of the crowd, he did not hesitate to cry.

His expression frightened everyone.

They later learned that the secretary brought the misfortune of his grandmother’s tragic death.

At that moment, his true feelings were revealed, and the veiled sadness made him cry.

  The secret of his loss of control: Too many theories make men not to shed tears easily. Over time, men themselves think that shed tears is not a man’s performance.

Like a pussy, they look down on the man who shed tears.

Society teaches that men should be serious and deep, and men are also restraining themselves according to such norms.

But such a standard gradually makes men seem to have lost their feelings and become free of living flesh and blood.

In fact, after all, he is a flesh-and-blood person who needs to express his true feelings, so once he encounters something that touches the critical point of his emotions, he may cry uncontrollably.

  This kind of out of control is a good thing. To some extent, this kind of out of control can make a man more amiable, and also make his mood more healthy after venting his emotions.Most people are short.

  5. He suddenly didn’t want to work for a man on the scene: this is one thing that happened in the United States: he was a bus driver and worked hard for most of his life.

To everyone, he loves work and is a model worker.

For decades, he has been weathering his route.

But one day, he made amazing weightlifting: for the first time, he didn’t follow the original route, he threw away the passengers in reverse, drove the car to a small river, and came towards the bee.Media reporter, he is proud of being in: he hates standard and immutability, and feels that he finally lives for himself today.

  Is there a lot in his life like this bus driver?

One day, he suddenly dropped his hand and didn’t want to work. He wanted to resign and want to go to Tibet to play. In short, he was like a urchin, suddenly throwing away all the responsibilities on his body, abandoning his family, his wife, children, and children.

  The secret of his out of control: men are tired, old and young, so from his youth, he may have no self, he gave up ideals and passion, and lived for the word “responsibility”.

For the sake of responsibility, he looks hard at work, but actually desires more freedom, relaxation and freedom.

  The so-called object must be reversed. The heavier the responsibility and the burden on the body, the stronger the depressed self and the resistance. We often see this typically in middle-aged men.

In a study analyzing why middle-aged executives in IT industry have switched jobs, experts say that this is exactly how middle-aged men are eager to return to themselves.

  He was tired for responsibility.

One day, he suddenly behaved like an adolescent, wayward, out of control child.

He is going to look for the dream when he was young. He wants to get rid of his responsibility and relax. His loss of control is an outburst of stress. At this time, as a wife, he does not prevent him from forgiving him. Give him support as appropriate.

  6, he suddenly at the wine table unreasonable man scene: a group of friends party, he drank too much.

Every time only she knew that he drank too much, not only loved accidents, but also hurt his body.

So she went to persuade him.

But men all like to borrow wine and pride, after three glasses of wine went down, he launched a wine crazy, he had to compare the amount of wine with his buddies.

Girlfriends advised her to control her husband. She couldn’t face her girlfriend without face, so she took her husband’s wine glass and stopped him from drinking.Her actions made his buddies coax for a while, saying that he was afraid of his wife.

Man husband, the most important thing is face, how can he lose face in front of buddies?

He wanted to drink by the strength of the wine, not only to drink, but to push her away with one hand, so that she did not worry.

  The result is conceivable. She and he are better at it. One wants to take the other’s wine glass and prove her “tamer skills.” One wants to win back the right to drink. It proves the dignity of men.The crowd made a noise, and the amazing scene happened, and he yelled at her, “You get me!

Teach you how to detoxify the smoke

Teach you how to detoxify the smoke

Click to buy each year May 31st is World No Tobacco Day, and May 31, 2015 is the 28th World No Tobacco Day initiated by the World Health Organization.

There are many dangers of smoking. Smoking can cause various brain diseases such as paralysis, mental decline and stroke.

Smoking causes throat cancer, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease.

Smoking is the main cause of hypertension, and 90% of total lung cancer mortality is caused by smoking.

Fully active smoking is harmful to the human body. Passive smoking is also commonly known as “smoke smoking”.

In addition to irritating the eyes, nose and throat of non-smokers, smoking secondhand smoke will also significantly increase the risk of non-smokers from lung cancer and heart disease, which will seriously harm people’s health.

  Since smoking is so harmful to the human body, what are the foods in the daily diet that can detoxify the smoke?

Let’s take a look!

  Food for detoxification: carrots: reduce the incidence of cancer.

  荸荠: It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

  Chinese cabbage: it has the effects of clearing the lungs, clearing the throat, clearing heat and detoxifying.

  Milk: protects the trachea and reduces the damage of certain factors to insulin.

  枇杷: Protective against respiratory mucosal damage caused by frequent smoking.

  Almonds: The incidence of lung cancer is significantly reduced in smokers.

  Detoxification recipe: carrot and corn ribs soup[material]carrot, corn, ribs, salt, peanut oil[practices]Wash the ribs, wash and peel the carrots, and cut and cut the corn for later use.

Boil boiling water in the pot, spare ribs and water, use a spoon to remove the water droplets from the water surface, and then serve the ribs.

Add cold water again, add carrots, corn, pork ribs, boil over low heat, cook for about an hour, add some salt and peanut oil before cooking, and serve.

  Horseshoe Tremella Soup[Materials]Horseshoe (荸荠), Tremella, Wolfberry, Rock Sugar[Methods]Tremella, Wolfberry are foamed in advance, rinsed, peeled and cut into half.

Add enough water into the pot, put the white fungus into the pot, boil over high heat and simmer for half an hour, add 荸荠 and rock sugar and continue to cook for 30 minutes until the white fungus becomes thick. Add the soaked wolfberry two minutes before the fire.edible.
  Honey and almond milk[Materials]Almond, milk, honey[Methods]Mix the above ingredients with a cooking machine and place them.

  Ingredients Sydney Kumquat Soup[Materials]Ravioli, Sydney, Kumquat, Rock Sugar, Honey[Practice]Wash and peel the ingredients, peel and cut into pieces and soak in salt water for later use.

Add water to the pot, put the pears and kumquats in the pot when the water is boiling, cover the pot, add the rock sugar and coriander after opening the pot, cover the pot and cook for another 30 minutes.

  Of course, detoxification recipes can only alleviate certain health problems brought about by smoking, and cannot really solve the problems or cure the effects. To really reduce smoking diseases, we must start from the root.

We don’t just quit smoking for ourselves, but also for the friends and family around us.

Refuse to smoke, start with me.

The key to footbath in traditional Chinese medicine in winter

The key to footbath in traditional Chinese medicine in winter

The weather is cold in winter, and Chinese medicine believes that “cold is born from the feet,” so cold feet in the cold season is a means of health care for many people.

However, we pay attention to methods in everything. Although it is not better than taking medicine internally, it can also cause trouble.

  The key to the health of foot bathing is the basic theory of physical Chinese medicine that “the kidney is the innate foundation” and “the spleen is the acquired foundation”, that is, the “base” is the fundamental life.

This indicates that the role of the spleen and kidney in the viscera is particularly important.

However, the Foot Shaoyin Kidney Meridian and Foot Taiyin Spleen Meridian all begin on the foot, and it can be seen that the foot is a very important tissue in life activities.

In order to highlight this, people often call the foot “the root of the human”. Because the foot is the place where the Sanyin Meridian intersects, it is more afraid of cold.

  However, many people can just take care of their feet, and there are no exceptions. Everyone is suitable. This is wrong.

For those who are afraid of coldness due to yang deficiency, soaking their feet can warm the meridians, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis;”Get angry”.

  Hot water feet are not suitable for everyone. Experts point out that hot water feet are also contraindicated.

For example, some people with feet and feet should not soak their feet in hot water when the condition is severe enough to cause blistering, because this can easily cause wound infection.

  Some people like to soak their feet with electric footbaths for a few hours.

Then, it is better to soak your feet for 20 minutes every day before going to bed, preferably not more than half an hour.

Especially in the elderly, if you soak your feet for a long time, it may cause sweating, panic and other symptoms.

Pregnant women should not use hot water to soak their feet continuously.

  Traditional Chinese medicine Pao foot recipe (unit: g) Cold and cold: Artemisia leaf 15, Su Ye 15, Platycodon 10, Ephedra 10, and 5 ginger.

People with colds and colds often sneeze, runny nose, tight body pain, chills, light mouth, no appetite, nausea and vomiting, and rotten stool.

Bubble feet at home during the acute phase of a cold can help recover as quickly as possible.

  Wind and cold: mulberry leaf 30, northern apricot 20, chrysanthemum 20, forsythia 15, silver flower 15, bellflower 10, windproof 10, mint 10.

People with colds and winds often have fever, mild wind, sore head, sweating, redness and swelling in the throat, cough, sticky or yellow sputum, runny nose, yellow nose, thirst and drink, red tongue tip, thin white and yellowish fur.
  Gastrointestinal dysfunction, indigestion: Codonopsis 30, Faxia 10, Huang Cen 15, Huanglian 10, Su Teng 15, Hyssop 30, Dandelion 30, Chenpi 10.

  Dysmenorrhea: Artemisia leaf 50, Guizhi 10, Wuya 15, Yuanhu 10, Xiangfu 10.

  Insomnia: Prunella 30, Mulberry 20, Guizhi 20, Baiji 20, Yejiao 30, Dragon Tooth 30, Oyster Oyster.

Analyze the fitness nutrition of modern white-collar men

Analyze the fitness nutrition of modern white-collar men

In the men’s world, even though “skinny beauty” is not advocated, getting better is not a good thing!

How to stay away from the “beer belly” and how to maintain a strong body are the most headaches for young men.

At present, more and more men are going to the gym, and too many are halfway through. The reason is that the physical exercise is not arranged properly, the muscles do not expand, but they gradually shrink, and the fatigue lasts for many days. Accompanied by loss of appetite and poor sleep.

In-depth study of these phenomena is usually caused by excessive exercise and irrational nutrition.

  Fitness enthusiasts care more about the implantation of nutrition.

Too many friends ask, do you need any special supplements?

For amateurs, as long as three meals a day are not partial eclipse, nutrition is generally guaranteed.

  If you exercise too much, you should add more nutrition: in addition to eating foods containing animal protein, protein should also eat more soy products rich in plant protein.

Soybean sprouts are rich in aspartic acid, which is beneficial to the metabolism of lactic acid in muscles, and the appearance of gradual fatigue is a kind of inexpensive and good food for fitness exercisers.

In general, protein demand peaks during the 90 minutes after training, at which point protein supplementation works best.

Foods with trace amounts of protein are: lean meat, eggs, fish, milk and beans.

  Vitamins Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in multivitamins, as long as you often eat different varieties of vegetables and fruits, you can get the multivitamins that the human body needs.

  Diabetes generally needs to be supplemented before fitness exercises to ensure the storage of liver glycogen, to provide energy for training and to prepare for maintaining blood glucose levels; after exercise, supplement in time to promote the recovery of muscle glycogen and liver glycogen.

The highest carbohydrate foods are: rice, cereals, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.

  The basic nutrition in fitness is energy.

The nutritional ratios of plasma, aunt, and protein in the diet claim to vary.

Generally 20% protein, 60% carbohydrate, 20% aunt is more suitable.

Protein mainly repairs the muscle fibers damaged during high-intensity training. Some bodybuilders do not know when to take protein and often drink milk and yogurt while training, which will cause waste and damage the body.

  Water and salt balance the body’s metabolism in the summer is relatively strong, sweating can expel toxins in the body and release transformation, which is beneficial to human health.

Passive sweating (such as sweating due to hot weather, irritability, etc.) is not good for the human body. If the body is in a poor state, this sweating will cause some damage to the human body.

Active sweating is the sweat produced by the human body’s active movement. It is used to maintain the temperature in the body and to emit quantums, which is good for your health.

  After sweating, you must promptly replenish moisture and inorganic salts.

The correct method of hydration depends on different fitness intensity, but you must pay attention to drink slowly, the water temperature should not be too low, light salt water or sports drinks rich in various minerals and vitamins necessary for the human body, but do not take it by yourselfMedicines containing certain minerals and vitamins to avoid causing complications.

This is to try to maintain the balance of the internal environment of the body as much as possible, so that the slight burning effect brought by exercise can be fully exerted.

  Ingesting rich nutrients from a wide variety of estimates is the best solution.

In addition to scientific training, following the scientific diet method, complement each other, and the fitness effect can be prominent.

Dietary Recommendation: Yam Fish Head Soup

Dietary Recommendation: Yam Fish Head Soup

Ingredients: 400 g catfish head, 150 g yam.

  Accessories: 50 grams of pea seedlings, 50 grams of kelp.

  Seasoning: 15 grams of vegetable oil, 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, 2 grams of pepper, and 8 grams of ginger.

  Production 1.

Wash the fish and remove the gills, as long as the fish head.


Peeled yam, washed and cut into pieces, knotted kelp for later use.


Pour the oil in the pan and heat it up. Then remove the fish head when it is slightly yellow on both sides.


Put another pot into the water and fish head, yam, kelp knot, ginger slices.


Turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes.


Add pea sprouts and cook for 2 minutes. Add salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper.

  Nutrition Comment: Anchovies, commonly known as fat-headed fish, also known as big-headed fish, are one of the four most famous fishes in China.

The fish head is large and fat, and the meat is white and tender, making it the first choice for fish head replacement.

Especially, the head of catfish has delicious “grape meat”, which is most loved.

  Fish brain is rich in nutrition. The main component of saturated polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish oil is what we call “brain gold”.

This is an essential nutrient for humans, which is mainly present in the phospholipids of the brain, which can prevent the maintenance, improve and improve the function of the brain.

In addition, the meat under the fish’s gills is transparent and gelatinous. Recombinant collagen can fight the aging of the human body and repair the body’s cell tissues. Because there is too much water, it tastes good.

  Fat fish (fathead fish) is a high-protein, low-litter, low-glycemic fish, which has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.

Plasma phospholipids and pituitary lutein, which improve memory, especially high content of the brain pith, regular food can warm the stomach, remove dizziness, nourishment quotient, help memory, delay aging, and even moisturize the skin.

  Chinese medicine believes that catfish is warm and sweet: it has the effect of replenishing weakness and warming the spleen and stomach; catfish meat can relieve liver and stagnation, strengthen the spleen and lungs, and weaken the weak, expelling wind and cold, and strengthening bones; it can be used for cough, edema, hepatitis, dizziness, nephritisAnd the diet of the frail.

  Yam, also called yam, is considered to be an inexpensive and tonic product since ancient times because of its rich nutrition. It can be used as a staple food, as a vegetable, or as a snack.

Yam contains mucin, amylase, saponin, free amino acids, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, and is rich in content, can help digestion, nourish the spleen and stomach, has a tonic effect, and is a good product for recovery after illness.

Yam can increase human T lymphocytes, enhance immune function, and delay cell aging.

The combination of the mucus liquid inorganic substance in yam and inorganic salt can form bone and make the spine have a certain elasticity.

The trace amount in yam is almost zero, and the mucin contained in it can prevent the trace deposition of the cardiovascular system, prevent premature sclerosis of the arteries, and also has a good weight loss and bodybuilding effect.

Chinese yam should be peeled and eaten to avoid abnormal taste such as tingling.

Yam has astringent effect, so those who have dry stools should not eat it.

  Because yam is sweet, cold, and cold, it has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, but it is rarely consumed by the general population, especially for people with hot constitution.

Hot and cold eye bag removal method PK_1

Hot and cold methods to remove bags under the eyes PK

Eye bags are a generation of invasion of modern women. Although extra sleep plus maintenance and food supplements can remove eye bags, fast-paced life is sometimes not satisfactory.

Therefore, we need to use special methods to rejuvenate ourselves. Dao Yi Dao, Da Dao, I hope that the method recommended by the beauty editor can help you effectively!


Please note: Try not to drink water for half an hour before going to bed for flood relief. This may affect the circulation of the eyes and cause poor drainage to form bags under the eyes.

We can implement the flood relief plan by opening the eye points.

Close your eyes, lie down on the bed, and gently tap the bamboo hole with your index finger, which is the depression under the eyebrow, which can alleviate the fatigue of the eyes and help the excess water to be discharged.


Don’t be brutal when removing makeup. If the makeup is not gentle enough, often pulling down the eyelids may cause the eye skin to shorten in advance and form sagging bags under the eyes.

The correct way is to use eye makeup remover and gentle and thorough makeup remover with cotton pads.

In addition, when you usually wear contact lenses or draw eyeliners, you should pull your eyelids as little as possible. These small movements that you don’t care about are very likely to cause complications.


The edema eye bags turned out to be more dehydrated and edema-shaped eye bags appeared, but it does not mean that the skin around your eyes has accumulated moisture. On the contrary, the presence of eye bags has disrupted the normal blood circulation of the eyes. This is where there is no sebaceous glandsNaturally it dries up.

Therefore, if your daily routine is very abnormal and it is easy to breed edema eye bags, you must put moisturizing first in the choice of eye cream.

  Suddenly destroying hot compresses and cold compresses can sometimes destroy the eye bags that have just appeared. Eye compresses are effective, but the time for hot and cold compresses is very particular.

Hot compresses are best performed before bedtime, which can make the blood circulation around the eyes smooth and eliminate the conditions under the eyes. The best time for cold compresses is to quickly annihilate the bags when you wake up in the morning.

If your daily routine is very abnormal and it is easy to breed edema bags and dark circles, you must put moisturizing first on the choice of eye cream.

I found that Berry Polyphenol Eye Repair Kit is a major product specifically aimed at smoothing eye bags and removing dark circles. It also has powerful moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients in it. It is an essential product for female friends to eliminate eye bags.

  Cold compress method one: cold iron spoon cold ironing eye bag Put two iron spoons into the freezer of the refrigerator. After 10 minutes, take it out and iron it directly to the eye bag to quickly fix the problem.

  Method 2: Apply cold tea bags to the eyes to cool the drunk chamomile or green tea bags. First apply some olive oil around the eyes, then apply the cooled tea bags to the bags under the eyes, and then rest on the eyes for a while.

  Method 3: Converge 1 drop of rosemary + 1 drop of rose with essential oil, drop it in cold water, then absorb with a towel and wring dry, and apply it on the eye for about 15 minutes.

  Lancome Lancome Eye Concentrate Firming Eye Essence RMB 630 / 15ml and eye bags, condensed moisture, fresh and pleasant, make the eye skin reappear radiance and elasticity Elizabeth Arden EliZAbeth Arden to eliminate dark circles, reproduce bright eyes.

At the same time smooth the skin around the eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

  Clarins CLARINS Eye Essence Refining Serum improves slight accumulation around the eyes, expels edema and toxins, and makes eyes large and bright