Child anorexia try yam inside golden porridge

Child anorexia try yam inside golden porridge

Anorexia is a manifestation of children’s abnormal feeding behavior, which occurs in children of all ages, among which preschool children have complications.

In terms of physical characteristics, children do not like to eat for two main reasons: first, the evidence, that is, because they do not know that they are full, the diet is incontinent, which leads to diet stop; the second is spleen deficiency, which is caused by weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, andAnorexia, picky eaters.

In view of the above two situations, parents are advised to boil the yam and golden porridge for their children.

  Ingredients: 15-20 grams of yam, 9 grams of chicken internal gold, 150 grams of previous rice, moderate sugar.

  Method: Grind yam and chicken internal gold into fine powder; set the pot on the fire, add an appropriate amount of water, add rice, yam powder, chicken internal gold powder to make porridge, add an appropriate amount of sugar to taste after cooking, and serve with meals.

  Opinion: Yam is a product of Ganping, which can strengthen the spleen and qi, and Jinjin in the chicken can strengthen the stomach and digestion, and appetite and stagnate.

The combination of the two has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, digesting and stagnation.

At the same time, yam and internal gold have a peaceful taste, and also support and dispel. It has a good conditioning effect on stagnation of diet and spleen and stomach weakness in children.

  TCM believes that there are differences between individuals, and should be treated with syndrome differentiation.

The prescriptions of this edition can be used as a reference and cannot replace the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment.

If applied, the chief reference doctor’s opinion.

No hobbies?

Beware of mental illness!

No hobbies?
Beware of mental illness!

Mr. Liu is a middle-level leader of an administrative unit, and his daily work is cumbersome.

When he first graduated to work, he felt very motivated and later promoted to become a leader. He was still diligent and meticulous in his work.

But at the golden age of 35 years old, the above situation was unexpected and very distressed, so he went to the mental health department of the hospital for help.

The psychological counselor found out that there was no particularly obvious cause for this situation in Mr. Liu.

Since childhood, Mr. Liu has been careful and cautious, he has less courage, never provoke right and wrong, and does not transcend his own principles. His personality is relatively sensitive, and it is because of sensitivity that he is able to observe the mind of the leader and thus be promoted.

Because Mr. Liu is careful and cautious, he usually has no preferences or interests.

Although he is very popular in the unit, he has very limited friends. When he is upset, he likes to be alone.

This is because these things involve work, and because he does not like to talk to others, is afraid to disturb others, and is also worried that others cannot keep it secret.

Mr. Liu believes that he has a strong ability to work, but he has little sense of accomplishment from his work. With his age and education, there is still great hope for promotion, but his heart lacks too much for promotion.power.

Generally speaking, the generation and development of a person’s bad mood are related to two factors.

One is too few positive emotions and the other is too many negative emotions.

The so-called positive emotions are the feelings of accomplishment, joy, and freedom obtained from work, life, sports or entertainment or entertainment. When we can get good emotions from these things, we will continue to repeat these can make peopleThe behavior that produces ecstasy and intoxication constantly increases the proportion of positive emotions in one’s total emotions.

Negative emotions are those that make people feel frustrated, frustrated, heavy, distorted or constrained by stress at work or life.

When certain things are connected with these emotions, when encountering these things, people instinctively shrink back and avoid.

The counselor believes that Mr. Liu is a typical lack of positive emotions, and he does not have much hobbies.

Mr. Liu said that when he was in school, he never took the initiative to exercise and play, because he thought it was a waste of learning time.

Such knowledge and habits have made Mr. Liu’s academic success and his career progress a great breakthrough.

But at this age, such thinking and habits are instilling in Mr. Liu.

Mr. Liu needs to learn to cultivate his hobbies with a relaxed mentality without utility and purpose, and persist.

Such hobbies can make Mr. Liu forget to do it, so as to obtain a sense of accomplishment, joy and freedom, and at the same time can relieve and release the pressure in work and life.

When people reach middle age, they are old, young, small, stressful, and are prone to occupational fatigue. Repeated life can easily lead to some bad emotions. At this time, it is necessary to cultivate new hobbies in time to relieve the pressure in work and life.
The old Chinese medicine health network suggested that when a situation like Mr. Liu appears, it is best to adjust by changing the way of thinking and cultivating new interests.

If you can’t recover from this method, it is better to go to the psychiatric department in time.

13 big problems with aging skin care

13 big problems with aging skin care

Aging is a major law in nature, and preventing it from happening is just as difficult to imagine as stopping the earth.

Even so, we are still working relentlessly.

Aging is not an overnight thing. It is just like the principle of sand accumulation. It is slowly evolved from seemingly insignificant aging details.

What you need to do is to clearly identify some of the more serious traces and deal with them in a timely and targeted manner.

  13 signals tell you that the skin is aging. Rome was not built in one day. Before the face is aging, the skin will also give us a lot of warnings, reminding you that you need to step up maintenance.

It is very difficult to have a clean and flawless face. In fact, everyone’s shells will have some small flaws, and these imperfections are a sign that the skin is gradually deteriorating.

  1 The expression lines that appear during a laugh will not eliminate the close observation of the mirror in a short time. If fine lines appear in the corners of the eyes, mouth and other parts, it is necessary to be alert, which is a sign of local skin aging.

These parts are often involved in facial expressions. Young skin will quickly recover fine lines with a little care, but with age, the skin’s elasticity and firmness are far less than before.Into wrinkles.

  2 The pleats on the pillow remain on the body for a long time before the newborn baby disappears. The skin is as elastic as a rubber band, and it can immediately return to its original shape after being pulled hard.

Our skin is constantly being pulled by various actions every day.In addition to the increase of age and external pressure, the internal collagen and elastic fibers are damaged, the number of fibers is reduced, and the regeneration capacity is slowed down.The appearance is that the skin loses its elasticity.

For a long time, you will find that your skin is no longer so tight. Even after getting up in the morning, the traces of the back will follow you to the company from the time you get up.You do n’t need to paint anything, it ‘s just a couple of days, but now, not only do you open the bow with left and right acne products, you have to wait at least a week before you can see it slowly disappear.

The reason is simple, your skin’s anti-irritation and self-healing capabilities are decreasing.

During the day, the skin’s energy is placed on combating the external environment. Only at night, the skin will re-open all arms and quietly repair.

At this time, the self-repairing function of the skin alone is far from being able to solve the injuries from the day, and the traces of the years brought by these injuries will not be visible for a while.Functional product too.

  4 The pores are slowly moving to the sides of the cheek. Before 25 years old, you are still the object of envy.

After 25 years of age, you hear less and less praise. When you look in the mirror, you will be horrified to find that the large pores have quietly covered your delicate cheeks, and the area is showing an expanding trend . maybe at this timeYou are still obsessed with the enlarged pores caused by oily skin.

In fact, before we can bear the elasticity of the skin, the pores have already sent out a distress signal.

  5 Even if you sleep enough, the dark circles can’t be eliminated. If you still feel that the dark circles can disappear after sleeping for 12 hours after all night, it is a big mistake!

For you after the age of 25, this situation is long gone.

Sufficient is of course the initial setting to lighten dark circles, but the formation of dark circles is due to long-term poor blood circulation and reduced skin metabolism, resulting in melanin being gradually deposited on the skin, so that the entire skin around the eyes isFull of brown.

Therefore, if you sleep for 12 hours or use concealer products, you will still be helpless if you do not fundamentally improve skin metabolism.

  6 Put the mirror flat on the table and look down. The face shape and the normal mirror have obvious changes. Let’s take a short test in 30 seconds: pick up a mirror and first look at yourself in the mirror. This is you now; thenLift the mirror at a 45 ° angle and look upward, this is you 10 years ago; if you lower the mirror 45 °, you will see you 10 years later.

You in the mirror, obviously there are no wrinkles, why do you look older?

The answer is calm!

It has unknowingly changed your contours.

  In addition to the fine lines that are annoying, the sagging slackness of the skin is the key to a woman looking old for several years, such as the double chin and two dents and depressions, helpless, sagging skin after 10?
It will take 15 years to develop sagging skin.

Faces with sagging skin are also prone to wrinkles.

  7When the season changes or when the skin is hot and smoky, but the skin still feels extremely dry, I believe that many people will focus on anti-aging by using a large amount of essence or focusing only on fine lines. In fact, research has shown that reducing water is the main source of skin agingOne is whether the cells are plump and plump, whether the skin texture is smooth and tender, whether the skin is crystal clear . all depend on whether the skin is full of moisture.

With increasing age, the natural moisturizing factor content in the stratum corneum of the skin decreases, resulting in a decrease in the hydration capacity of the skin, which is only 75% of normal skin.

This adds to the dryness of the skin.

  8Spots appear on the face and the color is getting darker every year . This is no longer a problem that can be solved with a few bottles of whitening essence worth thousands of yuan.

In fact, after 25 years of age, the freckles and chloasma on most people’s faces are all signs of skin aging, which is commonly known as “photoaging”.

If the skin is exposed to the sun, it will cause the skin’s elastic tissue to decrease or degenerate. The first manifestations are abnormal pigments and disorders, which occur, spotted or irregular stains, or pigmentation.

  9 When you clamp your eyelashes, you often catch your upper eyelids. We usually focus on the lower eyelids, bags under the eyes, dark circles, dullness, etc. But have you noticed that your upper eyelids are slowly sagging, andEyelids also quietly added a few wrinkles.

Especially when your facial skin is kept dry, carefully observe the skin on the upper and outer sides of the eyes under the light, you will find that some fine lines are faintly exposed, which indicates that your skin has shown signs of aging.Already.
  The race after staying up late is muddy like mud. Your skin starts to lack luster and often appears dull.

This shows that free radicals in the skin are increasing, skin oxidation begins to occur, and aging will of course follow.
Every morning, after cleaning the skin, look closely at your face in the mirror to see if the skin has bleak spots.
In addition, through the slowing of the metabolism rate, acne and facial blister formed by some toxins in the skin cannot be discharged in time, which will also affect the skin gloss.

  11 Fine lines become staggered like a net and look at both sides of your cheeks. After cleansing, when the skin is dry, point the skin upwards and gently push the skin. If the lines are parallel, it means that your skin needs hydration, but if the lines areBegan to become intricate and intertwined, indicating that your skin is aging.

One of the causes of wrinkles is the decline in hormones.

Overall hormones, the most direct consequences are: reduced hormone secretion in the body, slowed skin metabolism cycle, reduced skin elasticity and toughness, and delicate parts that are often forgotten by you, such as newborns, lips, forehead, etc., begin to appear small wrinkles.
What’s more serious is that with age, hormonal drops and transmission errors are higher, which gradually leads to aging.

  12 After washing the face, the skin still feels rough to the touch. Looking closely, the skin color of the innocent beauty has a transparent sense. Although it is not necessarily white, it is absolutely not waxy!

The old waste keratin will become thicker and thicker with the increase of age and metabolism. If you want to restore the light transmittance, it will help the skin exfoliate.

  Once old waste cuticles accumulate too much in the shell, pores will also be expanded by these excess cuticles.

At the same time, the pores blocked by the old waste keratin will affect its smooth absorption of moisture and nutrients, and of course the once delicate and moisturized skin will be greatly reduced.

  13 Even if there is no laughter, a horizontal stripe on the lips will appear the same as the skin. As the age increases, the horizontal lines will become darker, the contours will become unclear, and the aging loss will be gradually exposed.

More people are paying attention to how to lighten the law lines, but have you ever noticed that the corners of your mouth are drooping and make you look so aging . Not only will there be wrinkles on the sides of your mouth, or even horizontal lines in some people,Mouth drooping.

This is because the muscles above and below the mouth become soft and lose losses.

The anti-tumor effect has been confirmed by experiments.

The anti-tumor effect has been confirmed by experiments.

It is a dried sclerotium of the Potentillae fungus Poria, mostly parasitic on the roots of Pinus massoniana or Pinus sylvestris. It looks like sweet potato, has a dark brown outer skin, and is white or pink inside.

Produced in Yunnan, Anhui, Hubei, Henan, Sichuan and other places.

  The development and utilization of Poria, a tungsten carbide, has a long history.

In the “Huainanzi” more than 2,000 years ago, there was a description of “the pine of the millennium, and there is Poria”; “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” already listed it as a top-grade medicinal material, and said, “Jiufu calms the soul, noThe revival is deferred. ”

In Dongpo Miscellaneous Su Dongpo noticed the extraction method and serving method of Poria powder.

Du Fu wrote a poem “Send a message to Yang Yang, Mountain Cold and Poria”.

Tang Wurong’s “Yi Fuling Possibility to Send Li Liyi”: “The millennium band has a dragon Lin, and Taihua Peak is the most precious.

Jin Dingxiao fried Yunxiang powder, jade cold storage dew containing Jin.

“Huang Tingjian” “Tiantian”: “As soon as Tang Panbing porcelain sits in spring, the long pine forest gets its roots.

The auspicious Lao Tzu came out and taught all of them to be 100 years old.

“According to Qing Palace documents, the Empress Dowager Cixi often took the Poria cake, and often caused the reward minister.

As a result, the Poria cake became more and more refined and became a famous point in the late Qing Dynasty.

  Medicinal value: Poria has a sweet and mild taste, and its medicinal properties are gentle. It can not only nourish the heart and strengthen the spleen, but also benefit from water and dampness.

Because of its peaceful nature, it is not sturdy to make up, but not violent, and it can both righteous and dispel evil, so it has always been liked by people.

“Pharmacology”: “Appetizing, stopping vomiting and reversing, good at ease.

The main lung sputum.

The child was frightened, his heart was full, and the woman was hot.

“The main chemical components of Poria: polysaccharides (β-Poriadiol), tertiary, ergosterol, choline, adenine, amino acids, lecithin, etc.

Modern experiments have proven that Poria can significantly reduce the spontaneous activity of mice; it has a significant synergistic effect on sedative anesthetics; Poria can increase the phagocytic capacity of peritoneal macrophages, and can promote the humoral immune function of mice, causing thymus, lymph nodes, and peripheralsThe number of white blood cells in the blood increases.

The antitumor effect has been confirmed.

The combination of Poria monoclonal and anticancer chemotherapy drugs can eliminate the toxicity of chemotherapeutics, and the tumor suppression rate can reach 61%?

The extracts and compound preparations supplement the obvious diuretic effect.

  ”Four Hundred Flavour Songs” said: “Poria has a mild taste, soaks and drenches, whitens phlegm, and red waterways.

“It is the main medicine in Wupiyin left by Huaying.

Its diuretic function is mainly the result of promoting the excretion of electrolytes such as sodium, chlorine, and potassium, and inhibiting renal tubular reabsorption.

Poria also has the effect of enhancing myocardial contractility.

For the treatment of angina pectoris, add 宽 神木 15 to wide chest, Tongyang, Huoxue, Qiaoqiao.
30 grams, sometimes can receive pain relief.

  Many doctors use Fuling’s righteousness to eliminate evil and attack and supplement both. When designing medicine prescriptions or making proprietary Chinese medicines, many choose Fuling to be compatible.

Such as Liuwei Dihuang Wan, Baxian Changshou Pill, Shiquan Dabu cream, Qibao Mei Lan Dan, Shenling Baizhu San, Xiaoyao San, Suzaku Wan, Zhiwan and so on are all equipped with Poria.

  The method of edible Poria: 1. Angelica Poria Stewed Chicken Soup: 50 grams of Angelica, 20 grams of Poria, one black chicken, ginger slices, moderate amount of water, simmered together, until the meat rotten soup is thick, seasoning and serving.

It has the effect of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen, soothing and calming the mind.

  2, lotus seed Poria cake: Poria, lotus seed, Ophiopogon equal parts, Poria, lotus seed, Ophiopogon grind finely, add sugar, mix osmanthus, mix well, eat with water and steamed cake.

Efficacy: Ningxin and spleen, suitable for thirst caused by insufficient heart yin and weak temper, palpitations, less food, and fatigue.

  3. Chestnut and Poria porridge: 15 grams of Poria, 10 chestnuts, and 30 grams of glutinous rice. Wash the Poria into the pot, add cold water, fry over low heat for half an hour, discard the residue and leave the soup.edible.
Efficacy: spleen and kidney, dampness and diarrhea, suitable for those who are unfavorable for urination and chronic nephritis.

  4. Yam Poria belly: 1 pork belly, 100 grams of Poria, 100 grams of Huai yam, wash the pork belly, Poria, Huai yam instead of pork belly, topped with 2 spoons of rice wine, sprinkle with an appropriate amount of fine salt, tightlyAdd water to the pot and simmer slowly until the belly becomes rotten; remove the pork belly and cut it out, pour out the Poria, yam, dry after cooling, bottling the ground powder, take 6?10 grams, 3 times a day, warm water for delivery.

Take pork belly slices and season them appropriately.

Efficacy: Bushen Yiwei, spleen infiltration and dampness, suitable for diabetic patients 5, lotus leaf Poria porridge: lotus leaf 1 (dry and fresh cream), Poria 50 grams, 100 grams of rice.
The lotus leaf decoction is first removed, and then the residue is added. The porridge is previously cooked into rice and eaten twice in the morning and evening.

It has better curative effect on feeling of brain swelling, chest tightness, yellow urine, hot and humid urination caused by summer heat, and it has certain curative effect on hypertension, coronary heart disease, obesity, and nervous breakdown.

  6, Xiaoshi Jianwei Xinling porridge: Guixin 2 grams, Poria 10 grams, Mulberry peel 3 grams, 100 grams of rice.

Fry Poria, Guixin, Mulberry Peel, filter residue and juice, and make porridge with the same rice as before.

1 dose daily for breakfast.

Indications to stop eating stomach gluttony, Shang Niu guilty of stomach and chest fullness, cough, vomiting, diet inferiority.

  7, remove dampness and deplete Poria porridge: Poria, Poria, Chinese yam, lotus meat, coix seed, white lentils, Codonopsis, Atractylodes each 6 grams, add the right amount of water, remove the codonopsis and Atractylodes dregs after frying for 40 minutes, then add washing150 grams of rice before the net, continue cooking until the rice rotten porridge is thick, you can adjust the sugar and eat for several days.

Indications of weakness, weakness, swelling, diarrhea and other symptoms.

  8. Poria Chicken Poria: Poria 50 grams, chicken amount, 200 grams of flour.

Grind into fine powder, knead with flour and water to form a dough, chop the chicken, add ginger, pepper, and salt to make a filling, wrap into a pan, and cook.

Derived from the “Fengqin Pension Book”.

This recipe uses Poria to nourish the spleen, dampen dampness, chicken to nourish the spleen and nourish qi, ginger, and pepper to appetite.

For weak spleen and stomach, less vomiting and indigestion.

  9, Poria Ophiopogon porridge: Poria, 15 grams of Ophiopogon, 100 grams of corn.

Add corn and boiled porridge; fry the thick liquid with the second potion, add it when the rice is half cooked, and cook together.

From “Sheng Hui Fang”.

This side uses Poria Ningxin to soothe the nerves, Mai Dong nourishes yin and clears the heart, and corn removes annoyance.

For insufficiency of heart yin, irritability of heart and chest, panic and insomnia, dry mouth.

Benefits of baby swimming and precautions

Benefits of baby swimming and precautions

Benefits of infant swimming1. Babies often swim, which can improve the function of the respiratory system; 2, baby swimming can consume too much aunt, use muscles of all parts of the body to make the body shapely and fit; 3, the baby will also improve during swimmingThe function of the brain allows the baby’s brain to respond quickly to the external environment and develops good intelligence; 4, infants often swim with fever, develop a strong heart muscle, have a strong metabolism, and have a slower and stronger heartbeat than babies of the same age.5, swimming can also improve the baby’s cold resistance and disease resistance.

  Conditions for infants to swim 1. Temperature: The room temperature must be above 28 ° C, especially for infants within 3 months; the water temperature is controlled at about 38 ° C, the newborn’s body temperature regulation center is not perfect, and the baby’s water temperature is too high or too lowAdverse effects; 2, time: the swimming time of the baby is generally about 15 minutes, the specific situation depends on the baby’s constitution and month, based on the principle of the baby swimming happy in the water without fatigue; 3, the environment: swimming in the babyDuring the entire process, the baby’s brain becomes a complete stimulus as the surrounding environment deteriorates.

In the swimming environment of the baby, there are colorful pictures around it, elegant background music, and there are wind chimes that can make a pleasant sound; 4. Operation: During the baby’s swimming, the operator must communicate with the baby effectively and giveThe baby sings nursery rhymes, encourages the baby to circle in the pool, and praises and caresses the baby after swimming.

  Precautions 1. Baby must be supervised during swimming; 2. Before using the baby swimming ring, use safety plugs, including whether the model matches, whether the insurance snap is firm, and whether there is air leakage in the swimming ring; 3, the umbilical cord of the newborn must be postedWaterproof umbilical patch; 4, the baby put on a swimming ring to check the lower jaw, whether the lower chin is cushioned in a predetermined position, should gradually and slowly enter the water, pay attention to the model of the swimming ring.

After swimming, the newborn should quickly wipe off the water, keep warm, and remove the swimming ring; 5, take off the waterproof umbilical patch, and disinfect the umbilical twice with An iodine disinfectant or 75% ethanol solution, and useOne-time umbilical cord bandaging; 6, swimming time should pay attention to the time immediately after milk, it is best to choose to swim 1 hour after breastfeeding, 1-2 times / day, once 5-10 minutes.

Teenager tells: how to get out of the network nightmare

Teenager tells: how to get out of the network nightmare

Two years ago, junior high school student Wu Liang (pseudonym) became obsessed with online games, chatting online, and his academic performance plummeted, casting a shadow over the divorced family.

  Recently, under the guidance of Professor Tao Hongkai, Wu Liang finally overlapped with the obsession with the Internet and resumed normal life and study.

  He thought to people of his experience from drunkenness to alertness.

A woman who has been greatly stimulated has to bear my irrational behavior, leaving her completely hopeless and suspicious. “I was two months ago, and there is no cure.

The excitement of online games fascinated me deeply.

I spend all day in internet cafes.

最出格的一次是:今年‘五一’节假期,我竟在网吧里玩了7天7夜,饿了吃泡面,渴了喝矿泉水,累了忍着,实在忍不住了,就Lie down on the table.

But I didn’t know, my mother was looking for me from house to house in Wujiashan Internet Cafe.

Later, I knew that my mother had the idea of suicide.

  ”Now I want to come, it’s really hard for my mother.

A woman who is extremely stimulated by a black man must also bear my irrational behavior, leaving her completely hopeless and suspicious.

I feel so sorry for mom now.

  ”There is even more pain for my mother.

Once, my mother didn’t let me go online.

I actually knocked her to the ground with one palm, and did not expect her mother’s safety at all . The mother was taken to the hospital, and she was wounded around her.

  ”Just as the mother was so distressed,” Health Health 39 “on May 6 sent a message: Professor Tao Hongkai rescued a child who was addicted to the Internet.

Mom saw another glimmer of hope.

“I have to convince myself.

“Everything he said is very reasonable.” “When I went to Professor Tao’s house for the first time, I” fought hard “with him for 4 hours, and ended up losing the truth to the truth.

I had to be convinced to take it orally.
Every word of him was very reasonable, like a sharp knife pierced my shortcomings, so that I realized the mistake.

“Wu Liang, what is your ideal?

“” Be a singer.

“What song do you usually sing?”

“Sing popular songs.

“Now popular songs are sung with affection and affection. Not only will it not have a positive impact on your youth, but it may have an impact.”

Will you improve if you keep singing those songs?

“Professor Tao took out his own songs, all of them are healthy songs that reflect social phenomena, such as” tuition fees “,” who smiles towards tomorrow “and so on.

  ”Later, Professor Tao asked me to sing a popular song.

I said, ‘you do n’t like to listen.

“” Sing, I listen.

“” As a result, the more I sang, the more embarrassed I was. There was no sound at all, because the song I sang was incompatible with Professor Tao’s.

“Mr. Tao said he was very moved,‘ you can have such a consciousness.

Moreover, as long as you sing some healthy songs, it is an improvement.

“” He also said, ‘Being a singer also requires culture.

Blindly indulging in the Internet, how can you become a good singer?

It’s good to have ideals, but you have to fight for them.

If I can use the Internet time every day to practice or study, is it closer to my goal?”” “These words inspired me.

  ”After two months of education by Professor Tao, I finally came out of the Internet cafe.

  ”Now, I always control myself not to go online anymore, and I still learn from Teacher Tao to actively help my peers, persuade them to study hard, and bid farewell to Internet cafes.

“” I am happy because I make a family happier “” On July 27, I met Liu Mingsheng (a pseudonym) who came to Jing Tao from Professor Jing in Hubei.

Hearing his mother said that in order not to let other children draw Liu Mingsheng to the Internet, he had to buy this for his companions, and even begged them.

“I immediately thought of myself, so I asked,‘ Liu Mingsheng, to the heart, do you love your mother?

‘”deeply love!

“You love your mother, but you have made her lose her self-esteem again and again in the face of your companions.”

Isn’t this contradictory?

“” I told Teacher Tao what I said to him again.

After two hours of discussion, Liu Mingsheng finally said: ‘I will never go online again.

‘His mother should even have red eyes.

And I am happy because I make a family happier.

“” Internet access is something that can be done or not “” In just two months, the changes in my family and I can be said to be earth-shaking.

Teacher Tao said that things are divided into three categories: what can be done, what can’t be done, and what can be done.

Now I understand that surfing the Internet is something you can and can’t do.

The fewer computers you play and the more time you spend learning knowledge, the less detours you will take in the future.

These words are echoing in my ears all the time.

  ”I want to say to all my peers: The Internet is a virtual space, which not only makes us feel empty, but also makes us unsafe.

Kelp and what to eat?

Kelp and what to eat?

Kelp with melon kelp contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B family and other nutrients, which has a therapeutic effect on diuretic swelling, intestinal moisturizing and anti-cancer.

  Winter melon, like kelp, is a food that clears the heat and relieves heat in the summer. The two foods together can not only reduce the heat, but also reduce weight.

  Kelp and winter melon are most suitable for soups. If you like to eat broad beans, you can also add a little to the soup. Broad beans can contain crude fiber and other effective nutrients, which makes the soup more effective in helping to lose weight.

  Saponin in tofu with kelp tofu can inhibit slight absorption and prevent the production of peroxidation of arteriosclerosis.

However, saponin causes a deficiency of iodine in the body, and the iodine necessary for the human body in kelp (24 grams of iodine per 100 grams of kelp).

  Because kelp contains more iodine, it can also induce goiter. At the same time, it can excrete more saponin in tofu, so that the body’s iodine is in a balanced state.

Standard Man Fitness Preliminary

Standard Man Fitness Preliminary

At the age of 20, you can run 10 kilometers a day, and you can do 30 push-ups in one breath, but at the age of 40, you will find that the joints are rattling and not so flexible.

Human aging is sustainable, can it just be allowed to develop in this way?


In fact, as long as you continue to exercise from now on, you can maintain youthful vitality.

Therefore, 39 Health Network asked experts to design a set of exercise programs for male friends of all ages to enhance physical strength, enhance lung function and maintain limb parts. Everyone can exercise according to this program, three times a week, 45-For 60 minutes, you don’t have to worry about poor health and bloated body if you stick to it.

  One, about 20 years old.

Sports medicine refers to this age group as the “record-breaking age group.”

  Men can go to the gym to exercise. This axial body function is in its heyday. The heart rhythm, vital capacity, skeletal sensitivity, stability, and elasticity are all at their best.

From the perspective of sports medicine, insufficient exercise during this period is more harmful to the body than higher exercise.

People of this age can do any kind of exercise.

  The “normal strength” achieved by this missile through muscle strengthening exercises will not disappear after the exercise is terminated.

The endurance of the heart can increase blood transfusion.

In short, 20-year-olds can “reserve” resources for future physical health.

At this level, you must pay attention to exercise to maintain weight, otherwise it will be difficult to lose weight after 30 years old.

  Exercise can be performed every other day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, each time for about 30 minutes to strengthen physical exercise. The method is to try heavy weights, the load is 60% of the ultimate muscle strength, until the muscles feel tired (about every timeDo it 10-12 times).

If you do not feel tired after repeated exercises, you can increase the weight of the equipment by 10%. You must exercise the main muscle groups (pectoralis, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, abs, and leg muscles).

  20 minutes of cardiovascular system exercise by jogging, swimming, cycling, etc., with an intensity of 150-170 beats / minute.

  Second, about 30 years old.

The physical function of this age group has exceeded its peak.

  At this time, such as physical exercise, the oxygen uptake, which is very important for endurance, will gradually decrease.

But don’t be afraid, because you are still young.

At this time, the joints of the body often make some sounds, which is a precursor to joint disease.

In order to maintain the high flexibility of the joints, more segmental exercises should be performed.

Also pay attention to the exercise of the cardiovascular system.

  Exercise is still Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every 5-30 minutes of cardiovascular system exercise (jogging or swimming). The intensity is not as strong as at 20 years old.

20 minutes of physical training, compared with the age of 20, the trial weight is lighter, but you can do more times.

5-10 minutes of contraction exercise, focusing on back and leg muscles.

People in sedentary offices should pay more attention to interference movement.

The method is: lie on your back, pull your knees up to your chest as much as possible, and hold for 30 seconds;

  People of this age can still perform various physical exercises.

If you interrupt your budget, follow the “progressive” principle when re-exercising.

Doctors recommend that people over 35 should do an electrocardiogram before exercising.

  Third, what to do after the age of 40?

Compared with the age of 20, muscle exerciseability of people over 40 years of age has decreased by 25%, physical strength has gradually decreased, muscles have been atrophied year by year, and the body has started to gain weight.

  Swimming exercise is more suitable for men’s well-being. It is related to the reduction of muscle obesity. There is less muscle and less consumption by your aunt, and the amount of food is not less than when you were young, so the belly starts to replace.

Therefore, people over 40 years of age should choose sports to help maintain a good body shape and prevent common senile diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Exercises are performed twice every Monday and Friday, and include: 25-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, moderate intensity, such as jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.

  For people over 50 years old, the pulse does not exceed 130-140 times per minute.10-15 minutes of equipment exercise, the weight of the equipment is lighter than the age of 30, too much weight will damage health, but the number does not hinder more.

To prevent accidents, it’s best not to use dumbbells and use a fitness machine.

5-10 minutes of intense exercise, especially pay attention to moving all joints and those muscles that tend to shrink.

Add a 45-minute physical strengthening exercise on Wednesday, without using equipment, you can use push-ups, half-squats, etc., repeat multiple groups, each group about 20 times, the number depends on their own ability.

4 kinds of porridge can fight fatigue

4 kinds of porridge can fight fatigue

Chronic fatigue often causes many symptoms of general malaise, such as dementia, sore hands and feet, general soreness, headache, dizziness, inattention, and low work efficiency. These symptoms are often called “chronic fatigue syndrome”.

The US National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sees it as “the greatest enemy of humankind in the 21st century.”

  Western medicine has no good strategy for the treatment of this disease. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that its occurrence is mainly caused by liver, spleen, and renal dysfunction, coupled with long-term mental tension and exhaustion, which results in the imbalance of qi, blood, and yin.

You may wish to try the following kinds of porridge to adjust, you may get satisfactory results.

  Ginseng glutinous rice porridge takes 10 grams of ginseng, yam powder, 50 grams of glutinous rice each, brown sugar amount.

First cut the ginseng into thin slices, cook porridge with glutinous rice and yam together, add brown sugar when the porridge is cooked, and take it once a day while warm.

The porridge has various effects such as tonicing vitality, exciting the central nervous system, anti-fatigue, strengthening the heart, etc. Therefore, eating the porridge has a good effect on chronic fatigue syndrome.

However, it should be noted that patients with hypertension and fever should not take it.

  The chicken rice porridge was taken from a black-bone chicken, 50 grams of glutinous rice, 45 grams of astragalus root, angelica, 15 grams of jujube, 3 grams of cinnamon, and salt.

First slaughter the black-bone chicken, remove the hair and internal organs, and wash them for later use; then decoction astragalus, angelica, jujube, cinnamon with water and cook twice, 30 minutes after the second boiling, take 2000 ml of the juice, andPreviously, Mi Tong was put into a casserole to cook porridge together, add salt to the right amount, eat chicken and drink porridge, 1 weekly?
2 times.

The porridge has the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body, adjusting the functions of the internal organs, and can exert significant anti-fatigue effects.

  Eel and yam porridge: Take one eel, dissect the viscera and yam. The previous rice is 50 grams each.

First put the eel slices in a bowl, add cooking wine, ginger, spring onion, and salt, mix together with yam, rice, and rice once a day.

The porridge has the functions of both qi and blood tonic, strong muscles and strong bones, and strong muscles. If the porridge is often taken, fatigue can be eliminated.

  Xiaopiling Congee Takes Commercially Available Xiaopi 10?
20 grams, adjust the porridge and take it 3 times a day.

The porridge has the effects of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen, nourishing the blood and soothe the nerves, eliminating fatigue, and has satisfactory curative effect on chronic fatigue syndrome.

Parents must face up to their children’s vanity

Parents must face up to their children’s vanity

Yesterday I answered the call for help from my aunt.

She said, “What happened to Weiwei?

The head teacher asked the parents to attend the final party. Wei Wei refused to let me go, saying that his mother was selling shoes, which was too shameful.

Instead of asking the doctor’s aunt to attend, she also told her to drive to school.

I was so vain in my third grade. What can I do when I grow up?

Help me think of a way . “Listening to the anxious voice of my aunt, I felt her threat.

This also raises a serious question for me: how to treat children’s vanity, and how to gradually guide them?

  Who distinguishes tolerance, consideration, and even adulthood, who has no vanity?

In fact, parents may feel happy when they know that children love vanity.

Because to a certain extent, vanity represents the enhancement of children’s self-awareness in the process of growing up, indicating that they look forward to showing their best side to win everyone’s recognition and praise.

Most children’s vanity is due to a simple and strong dissatisfaction.

Moderate vanity is also the intrinsic motivation to motivate children to see and think.

Therefore, we must be tolerant and considerate, accept the child’s love of vanity, and leave an appropriate living space for the child’s vanity.

  In order to prevent the momentum of the child’s vanity expansion to be properly controlled in advance, to control it within a moderate range requires that educators start with themselves and correct their educational thinking.

When we worry about our children’s admiration for vanity, we should realize that this is actually the bitter fruit of educators.

Whenever guests arrive at home, parents are always proud to present their children’s awards for appreciation.

In school, in order for the class to get good results in the competition, teachers always send individual elites to represent the collective “on the battle” to win the championship.

Parents and teachers have inadvertently passed on their vanity to their children. While covering the children with a halo, they also suggest how to make the teacher proud of themselves and how to satisfy the vanity of adults.

In the long run, children have developed a sense of superiority, and they must not face the ordinary with peace of mind, but demand that they be better than others in all aspects.

To make children less admiring vanity, ask educators to give up vanity first: Don’t show off your child’s advantages from time to time, don’t over-compete, you can compare your own children with others’ children.

  Careful and gradual, step by step, parents should be more careful to observe their children’s behavior and pay close attention to their children’s psychological dynamics.

It is a gradual development process for children to change from normal vanity to excessive vanity. During this period, there will be many obvious signals, such as: children are particularly discerning about clothing, stationery, toys, etc., and cannot prevent parents from providing themselves with superior materials.Conditions, etc.
When we find out that children have such behaviors, it is only a good strategy to guide them “slow into the night with the wind, and moisten quietly”, so it does not prevent trying “roundabout tactics”.

If the aunt speaks bitterly and positively: “There is no distinction between high and low in the profession, has your mother shamed you?

“I’m afraid it won’t work; if you beat your child fiercely, it could be even worse.

So I helped my aunt to design a “combat plan”, which did not hinder the peace of mind and personality of the child, and indirectly asked the child: What is the best classmate of your class?

Who is your favorite classmate?

Do your classmates like you?

Is there something in our home that you like?

What advantages does mom have?

These problems have inspired children to realize that their little partners do n’t like themselves because their mother is a small business. The most important thing is my own performance. Although my mother is not as imposing as a doctor, she loves me and my mother.I am very happy together, my mother is also enviable!

This roundabout questioning does not miss the opportunity to express the parents ‘ideas, which is conducive to the child’s willingness to accept the parents’ guidance.