[Postpartum vegetable soup]_postpartum vegetable soup_how to do_practices

[Postpartum vegetable soup]_postpartum vegetable soup_how to do_practices

After birth, the body is relatively weak. At this time, the first thing to pay attention to is to nourish the body. Tonic is used for conditioning. Generally, after the child is born, you should eat more corn carrots or green bamboo shoots, etc.These foods have high nutritional value and are very popular. They can also be added together to make vegetable soup.

Efficacy: Nourishing qi and nourishing serum and detoxifying raw materials: 1 corn; 1 carrot; 8 tadpoles; green bamboo shoots; 500 g cavity bones; 6 slices of ginger; seasoning: 2 teaspoons of salt (10 g); 2000 ml of water; method andPractice: 1. Chop the cavity bones and wash them.

Corn, carrots, green bamboo shoots, and coriander are peeled, washed and cut into pieces.

Wash and slice ginger.

2. Pour fresh water into the pot. After the fire heats to a boil, put it in the cavity and blanch for 3 minutes. Remove and rinse the surface with water.

3. Put the cavity bone into the soup pot, add a sufficient amount of water at one time, cover with a lid and heat to a high boiling point, then open it with a spoon and skim off the foam.

Add ginger slices and cover with shells and simmer for 1 hour.

4. Add the corn pieces, coriander and carrot pieces first, cover with a lid and continue to cook in a low heat for 1 hour, then add the green bamboo shoots in a pot for 5 minutes, and add salt before eating.

5. Tips: Before boiling the soup, scalding the cavity can remove the blood stains from the meat, and you can also tighten the above meat. After 2 hours of boiling, it will not rot;Do not add enough water in the middle, otherwise it will dilute the freshness of the soup. For example, if you find that there is little water during the stew process, you must add it, and you must add boiling water, but the taste is slightly lost; this soup is added with corn, soThe taste is slightly sweet, but not the sweetness of sugar.

There is no lotus root. Putting some lotus root together in the pot can also axially moisturize the autumn. The green bamboo shoots are put at the end, which can maintain a crispy taste and the color will not change too far.

[How to steam lotus root glutinous rice]_How to make_How to make

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Hisense Home Appliances (000921): To consolidate Hisense Hitachi’s commitment to make full use of the development bonus of the central air-conditioning industry

Hisense Home Appliances 四川耍耍网 (000921): To consolidate Hisense Hitachi’s commitment to make full use of the development bonus of the central air-conditioning industry

Announcement Assignment Hisense Hitachi 0.

On the evening of March 5, 2019, Hisense Home Appliances announced that it was subject to Qingdao Hisense Hitachi Air Conditioning System Co., Ltd. (Hisense Hitachi), which was held by United Trade for RMB 25 million.

2% equity.

After the completion of the equity transfer, the company will hold Hisense Hitachi 49.

2% equity, while becoming its largest shareholder, also intends to split Hisense Hitachi into the company’s consolidated statement scope.

This move will help improve the company’s assets, income, and cash flow scale, and rely on the good profitability of Hisense’s central air-conditioning business to improve the company’s overall gross profit level.

Hisense Hitachi is the leader of the domestic central air-conditioning multi-connection market, and has contributed a lot of investment income to the company. Hisense Hitachi was established in 2003 by a joint investment of Hisense Group and Hitachi Air Conditioning in Qingdao.And the most promising sub-category.

According to “HVAC Central Air Conditioning” statistics, the multi-connected market size has reached 44.5 billion in 2018, and the industry’s compound growth rate has reached 18% in 2015-2018.

Relying on Hitachi’s advantages in technology, products, production and Hisense’s experience in domestic channel expansion management, Hisense Hitachi has developed into a domestic multi-connected market leader. The data of “HVAC” shows operators Hisense, Hitachi and YorkThe brand’s total retail sales share in the multi-connected market in 2018 was 19.

5%, second only to Daikin, ranking second in the multi-connected industry for many years, and has a solid market segmentation.

Based on the good growth of the multi-connect market and the stable position of Hisense Hitachi, the investment income contributed by Hisense Hitachi has become an important part of the company’s profitability.

Hisense Hitachi contributed investment income to the company from 2015 to 20173.

9.7 billion, 5.

7.1 billion, 7.

3.2 billion, accounting for 68%, 52%, 61% of the company’s net profit attributable to the parent (in 2017, net profit attributable to the parent excludes non-recurring gains and losses arising from the sale of the subsidiary Baohong Property).

If the consolidation is completed, the company is expected to fully benefit from the development bonus of the central air-conditioning multi-online market.

Investment suggestionsAlthough the downturn in the land cycle has caused the central air-conditioning market to grow sharply in 2018, but due to the continued penetration of households, we are still optimistic about the long-term development prospects of the central air-conditioning market.Will remain.

As the acquisition has not yet been completely completed, regardless of the impact of consolidation, we estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent from 2018 to 2020 will be 14.

600 million, 16.

200 million, 18.

0 million.

The latest closing price corresponds to an estimated 8 in 2019.

7xPE is still lower than the average level of the home appliance industry at present, and it is estimated that there is room for repair.

However, under the influence of the real estate post-cycle, whether the company’s traditional white electricity business operation can be improved and the development of central air-conditioning business remains to be seen in the short term, giving the company a reasonable value11.

90 yuan / share, corresponding to an estimated 10xPE in 2019, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Risks indicate that the penetration rate of central air-conditioning has fallen short of expectations; real estate sales have fallen; terminal consumption has continued to be weak.

Shiji Information (002153): Disclosure of Annual Report Can Eliminate Major Market Concerns

Shiji Information (002153): Disclosure of Annual Report Can Eliminate Major Market Concerns
2018 annual report performance is in line with expectations Shiji Information released the 2018 annual report with operating income of 30.98 ppm, +4 for ten years.60%, attributable net profit 4.63 trillion, ten years +10.61%.Performance is in line with expectations.A dividend of 1 yuan is paid for every 10 shares, and the performance basically meets expectations. Development Trends We believe that the content disclosed in the annual report can eliminate the major concerns of the market in the near future: (1) How is the company’s overseas cloud progressing?The income side grew rapidly, and new products accelerated to land.The company disclosed that the ARR for 2018 was 1.8.5 billion yuan, an annual increase of 69% at the beginning of 2017. Overseas hotel cloud product sales are progressing rapidly. Shiji’s advantages in big data and POS are gradually expanding.At the same time, in the R & D capitalization part, Cloud, which develops a hotel SaaS platform for global hotel chains, is expected to be tested around mid-2019, indicating that the company’s core products are landing 杭州桑拿 as scheduled. (2) Does the company compete in the domestic hotel traditional business field?In the new year, the number of orders has grown rapidly, the number of large orders has been stable, and the basic market is as stable as Mount Tai.The company newly disclosed the order of the company’s products in 2018. The hotel information system business broke a single + 26%, growing at a high speed, maintaining maintenance contracts at -12%, and slightly shifted due to the impact of its own product cloud.In 2018, the number of large orders (over 1 million) was 170, totaling 3.36 billion, compared with 163/3 in 2017.4.6 billion is basically stable.The total number of orders is always the number of large orders, the company’s basic market is still stable, it is difficult for outsiders to shake. (3) Does the retail business model exist?Si Xun has grown rapidly, with retail profits exceeding 2 billion.Revenue from retail business lines 6.3.2 billion, + 17% per year, WeChat Alipay directly connected more than 110 billion, in the past + 126%.Among them think Xun income 2.2.2 billion, previously + 54%, net profit 0.89 trillion, ten years + 46%. Earnings forecast As we are still in the business operation period, we cut our 2019 / 20e earnings forecast by 18/23% to 5.13 billion / 6.100,000 yuan. It is estimated and recommended that the company currently can sustain 66 times P / E for 19 years.According to the SOTP model, we maintain a target price of 38 yuan, corresponding to 79 times P / E in 19 years, and there is still 22% of room.Maintain recommendation. Risks The progress of high-end hotels on the cloud fell short of expectations.Systematic estimates.

Jiuyuan Yinhai (002777): The company is in good operating condition and achieves high growth

Jiuyuan Yinhai (002777): The company is in good operating condition and achieves high growth

Investment events: 2019 first quarter report: operating income1.

2.6 billion, a growth rate of 3.

80%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

1.4 billion, a growth rate of 68.

32%, net of non-attributed net profit 0.

13 trillion, a growth rate of 121.


The company is operating well, and software and services with high gross margins are driving high profit growth.

Q1 2019 revenue growth rate is 3.

80%, which is mainly due to the lower proportion of system integration business with low gross profit margin.

In terms of cash flow, the company’s sales of goods and services provided a cash growth rate of 31.

86%, far higher than the growth rate of income.

In terms of funds received in advance, Q1 2019 received funds in advance4.

99 ppm, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

1.4 billion.

Multiple data indicate that the company’s business as a whole has made good progress.

And in the reporting year, the software and service business with high gross profit margins grew by more than 45%, achieving high-speed growth. With the steady growth in revenue, the net profit was 68.

32% high growth.

Investment income also partially affected the high growth of net profit.

The company won the bid for the information platform of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, which has significant competitive advantages and is expected to enjoy the high growth dividend of the medical insurance IT industry.

The company won the second contract for the construction of the national medical insurance information platform (level of inter-provincial medical treatment management).

The successful bidding of the National Medical Insurance Bureau information platform means that the company’s product quality, service capabilities and research and development capabilities are highly recognized by the National Medical Insurance Bureau, and the company will participate in the construction of the new system and new standards of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, with a deeper understanding of the system and standardsforce.

The company has significant competitive advantages and is expected to gain more market opportunities in the high-end development of the medical insurance IT industry.

The coordinated development of the medical and medical insurance business will become the main driving force for the company’s performance growth.

Medical insurance is one of the company’s important strategic directions.

Medical and health insurance business income in 20183.

16 trillion, a growth rate of 37.

53%, higher than the income growth rate of 25.


The contradictions between the medical and medical insurance business and the company’s DRGs system for the medical insurance bureau can expand the application in the hospital to achieve the synergy between medical and medical insurance products.

The company is a leading enterprise in the medical insurance IT field. By replacing its card slot advantages and market influence in the medical insurance end, it will change the richness and promotion of medical insurance IT products, DRG, medical insurance review, etc., and the synergy of its medical medical insurance business will increase significantly.The two types of business accelerated the growth and became the main driving force for the company’s performance growth.

Investment proposal: The company is expected to EPS 0 in 2019/2020/2021.



81 yuan, corresponding to about 41 for PE.



94 times, give “Buy” rating. Risk warning: Business development is less than expected, and policy implementation 夜来香体验网 is slow

Body yoga moves, safe and effective

Body yoga moves, safe and effective

Although yoga is a gentle exercise, it can be difficult for some people who have poor physical strength, lack of exercise or chronic diseases.

Today, I will teach you some yoga moves that are safer and can make you shape, everyone can practice.

  In general, the sitting warriors have insufficient leg strength. When you are in the warrior style, you need to support your whole body with solid legs. At this time, do you think that you will start to feel weak when you think of it? It doesn’t matter .Muscle endurance is not something that can be practiced in a short time.

So how can you easily practice the essence of this action!

Take the chair at hand and practice!

  1. Sit on the side with the right side of the body against the back of the chair, and sit with your right foot across the chair, aiming at 90 degrees to the ground, so that your right foot can step on the ground steadily;Ground, heels lifted.

The upper body should not fall forward, the body should be upright, do not let the abdomen close to the thigh; hands can be placed on the feet or support the back of the chair at will.

  2. Raise your hands up, palms facing each other. After smoothing your breath, push your chest forward and your arms back toward you when you exhale. Slowly lower your arms and practice while changing sides.

  The semi-Lotus stance can help us reduce the muscles from the back of the thigh to the buttocks, effectively modify the fat legs, and help us tilt the waist bone. Friends who usually feel this section are tight, or are too lazy to reduce it at allPeople, may wish to use a pole to assist it!

  1. First, stand in front of the pole, lift your right foot and bend it near the waist. At this time, find a pole that fits the height of the body, and place your right lower leg on the pole horizontally, so you can easily reduce the thigh.Back side.

  2. After holding the lower body firmly, hold up the upper rod with both hands. This action can also help us open the lymph nodes under the arm.

  3. If you want to challenge your beauty, you may try the following suggestions: Right calf is still placed on the pole, hold the upper pole with your left hand, twist your upper body from above the waist to the right and back, and extend your right hand to the sky above and to the right.Looking at the palm of the right hand, at this time, not only the back of the thigh will be fractured more completely, but the small flesh at the waist can also be moved to it like twisting a towel. Is it easy to count it!

  Right-angle type Right-angle type can step on a large muscle group in the back, and with feet straight, you can step on the muscles of the thigh and the back of the calf. It seems easy but it is a comprehensive action.

  1. Facing the bar or the wall, hold the bar with both hands or gently place it on the wall, and push it backwards so that your body is parallel to the floor, and your feet are placed directly below the vertical.

The body does not need to be completely at a right angle, as long as the back and thigh muscles are squeezed.

  2. If you want to strengthen, try to make the spine completely parallel to the ground. Be careful not to sculpt or raise the intention of standing up because you want to strengthen the movement. Finally, slowly stretch the original slightly curved feet completely straight.

  3. Slowly walk towards the pole or the wall to return to the preparatory action, such as resting in a mountain standing position.

Recommended methods for the treatment of common flowers in spring

Recommended methods for the treatment of common flowers in spring

Flowering seasons vary throughout the year, and different flowers can bring good health and spirit to different people.

Here are some common spring health flowers for you: You can’t choose jasmine jasmine in the stomach, sweet and warm.

It can promote digestion and absorption of the stomach, relieve gastric pain, and has a good effect on diarrhea and abdominal pain.

  Health Recipe: People with poor digestive function can dip flowers in hot milk to make jasmine milk tea, which has good auxiliary effects.

  Toothache bad breath choose sweet-scented osmanthus sweet-scented osmanthus flavor, temperature.

It has the effect of dispersing cold and breaking sputum, resolving phlegm and regenerating jin, and can relieve cough, sputum, toothache, bad breath and other discomforts.

  Health Recipe: Take 3 grams of sweet-scented osmanthus seeds, rinse your mouth with decoction, 3 times a day, help to eliminate bad breath.

  The selection of blood circulation and regulating menstruation can promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation. It treats liver stagnation and discomfort, irregular menstruation caused by stasis, chest and abdominal pain, vomiting and other discomfort.

  Health party: take rose flowers 1.


5 grams, motherwort 9 grams, decoction with water, can relieve dysmenorrhea.

Long-term consumption can relieve liver stagnation, promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation.

  The beauty of the laxative selection of peach blossom peach blossom can be laxative, diuretic swelling, and can improve blood circulation and moisturize the skin.

  Health Recipe: Immerse the newly opened flowers in white vinegar and let it stand.

After washing your face, take some glycerin and mix it with your face.

Some pains during exercise can be fatal

Some pains during exercise can be fatal

Fitness experts remind people that many physical discomforts that occur during exercise should be given high attention.

  Heart rate does not increase during exercise. During exercise, the heartbeat will increase, the amount of exercise will decrease, and the heartbeat will be faster.

If the increase in heart rate during exercise is not obvious, it may be an early signal of hypertension, which indicates the gradual risk of angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and sudden death.

  When angina pectoris occurs during exercise, myocardial load will increase and myocardial oxygen consumption will increase.

In particular, some middle-aged and elderly people with different degrees of vascular sclerosis, the relative lack of blood supply to the heart during exercise, leading to coronary intervention and angina.

In this case, you should stop exercise in time. After taking nitroglycerin tablets under the tongue, angina usually disappears.

  Headaches during exercise A few high blood pressure patients do not feel abnormal chests when they develop symptoms, but they have headaches during exercise.

Most people just think they haven’t rested well or caught a cold.

Therefore, remind those who participate in sports, if you feel headache during sports, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

  Abdominal pain during exerciseDuring the course of exercise, abdomen pain suddenly appears, and most of the rectus muscle spasms are caused by a lot of sweating and loss of water and salt.

When abdominal pain occurs, you should rest on your back for 20 to 30 abdominal breaths and gently massage the rectus abdominis for about 5 minutes to relieve the pain.

When excessive sweating during exercise, timely supplementation of 200 to 300 ml of saline is the key to prevention.

  Abdominal cramps during exercise are more common in gastric cramps such as low water temperature during swimming, insufficient preparation activities, and excessive exercise.

At this point, you can do a hot compress for the upper abdomen for 20 to 30 minutes, step on the Neiguan and Zusanli points for 3 to 5 minutes each.

To prevent the occurrence of gastric ulcer rupture, you should make adequate preparations before exercise, avoid oversatisfaction, avoid beans and sweet potatoes, potatoes and other foods, and eat cold drinks.

  During exercise, dull pain and swelling around the umbilicus or lower abdomen are mostly intestinal obstruction.

At this point, as long as you stop exercising, pain can be relieved.

Press both sides of the joints with your hands for 5 minutes, or apply hot water to the umbilical cord area for 10 to 20 minutes to relieve pain.

In order to prevent the occurrence of bowel movements, you should make adequate preparations before exercise and avoid eating cold food.

The secret of practicing Giggs forever

The secret of practicing Giggs forever

As the player with the greatest honor and maximum career in the contemporary Premier League, Giggs is a simple person. When he appeared in the media for an exclusive interview, there was no accompanying person.

In this football World Cup, which has been corroded by over-packaged commercial money, Giggs is very conservative, and even himself said: “I can’t be a poster star like Beckham. He can handle these very well, butI can’t, it will definitely affect my performance on the court.

This will make me tired, not physically, not psychologically.

“In order to extend his athletic life, Giggs began to prepare eight or nine years ago.

He has been practicing yoga, which has transcended his good physical foundation.

“I changed a lot after I was 29 to 30. I started drinking less alcohol, eating better, and getting more rest.

Being able to kick today is inseparable from practicing yoga. You can feel its effect and you can immediately feel its benefits.

Although I still suffer from muscle strain, which is your constant injury from playing football, yoga is not used to treat injuries, but to reduce injuries from the root cause.

“The famous British media” Daily Mail “commented on Giggs:” In this sense, Giggs is a simple person. He understands his ability and maintains this level through hard work.
For the past 20 years, Giggs has remained the protagonist of the club’s success.

His desire for success sets him above ordinary.

He had already made a name for himself, but his inner drive drove him on.

Six factors of network love success

Six factors of network love success

It is reported that 85% of women who have been online have tried or are willing to try online romance.

So, what type of opposite sex do they generally like?

The website “Gender Spy”, which focuses on online dating, has launched a survey among female readers. From the perspective of women, the following “golden rules” for participating in online romantic stories are summarized: 1. Please provide photos; we are generallyLook at the photos before opening your personal details.

     Second, don’t tell us about your relationship history; we are not at all interested in your ex-girlfriend or the passionate girl you met in Miami Beach.

     Third, appropriately compliment and praise our special charm; of course, not compliment our breasts; even tell me that you like the way I read The Economist, you like my happy smile and so on.

  Fourth, pay attention to their own words; no woman is willing to date a man with a lot of misspellings, and a man who is unwilling to check for a hyphen must be a lazy man.

     Fifth, abstain from using pornographic articles to seduce us; although we are not taboo, subtle deepening of the relationship is the key, and the abrupt approach will only be counterproductive.

Keep two words in mind: please, seduce.

     Six, interest, patience; to ask why we do not reply will only increase our resentment against you, if we are interested in you, we will naturally know you.